Palm - Post 2020-01-29T05:00:01-08:00 Palm 2020-01-29T05:00:01-08:00 2020-01-29T05:00:01-08:00 10 Reasons to Watch the Big Game - Not Your Phone Lauren Harper Mobile tech has truly changed the game when it comes to sport fandom and participation. We can watch our favorite team live from anywhere with a mobile signal or WiFi. We can react, in real time, to the live action of the game. Basically, it’s easier than ever to support our team of choice when we use our phones to enhance the fan experience.?

But, our mobile devices can certainly get in the way of our fandom if we aren’t careful. Mobile distraction is a huge problem in stadiums where fans often spend more time looking at their phones than they do looking at the play. The problem carries over onto the couch—we all have that friend who spends all of Sunday?DMing his fantasy football?group rather than actually watching any of the games.

Our very own Stephen Curry has even spoken out about how helpful it is for him to disconnect from his digital world every once in a while. For Stephen, reducing digital distractions means more focus on training with his teammates and spending more quality time with his family and friends, and even goes on a social media “blackout” during the playoffs. During a recent event Palm hosted with Stephen, he explained?how the Warriors decided to implement a new rule where?players aren’t allowed to be on their phones in the locker room. “We are very purposeful around creating these types of moments where we can engage and connect on a very personal level,” said Curry.

While most of us will never compete in an NBA Championship, we can all agree that putting down our phones down during physical activities can help us get more out of them. But, Stephen isn’t the only high profile athlete who has talked about the importance of disconnecting. Hear from these athletes and fitness experts highlighting the importance of eliminating digital distractions:

Heather Eastman, Professional Strength and Conditioning Trainer, explains how bringing your phone to the gym can be particularly counterproductive.?“Rest time between sets and workout focus are vital components of your training program, and an addiction to your phone impairs both.”

Tariq Owens, Texas Tech basketball player talks about how banning smartphones the night before games helped his underdog team make it all the way to the 2019 NCAA Final Four.?“Just to be able to get away from it, just live in the moment, feels great... We’re locked into more important things than cell phones.”

Lebron James, also takes a break from social media during the playoffs.?"You have to keep the main thing the main thing… When the postseason happens, it's one game at a time. That's all that matters. The outside noise doesn't matter."

Mike Leach, Head Coach of Washington State University football team, explains that he banned his players from posting on social media for the 2nd half of the 2019 season so that they could focus on winning football games.?“If I had it to do over again, I would’ve done it when we started camp. I think we’re a little too distracted right now, but I think there is a team-wide determination to be less distracted.”


Prepping for the Big Game

Speaking of avoiding distractions, there’s a pretty big football game going on this Sunday, and whoever you’re rooting for, the Big Game is bound to be exciting. To help all of us enjoy a distraction-free game, we put together a list of 10 reasons to watch the Big Game, and not your phone this Sunday:

  1. Eat ALL The Snacks.?It’s called a “cheat day” for a reason. Today’s the day go all in at the snack bar.
  2. Enjoy The Pure Talent.?Even if you’re not a fanatic about the game, surely (like us) you can appreciate some of the incredible athleticism on display. Jimmy G and George Kittle vs. Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce anyone?
  3. Enjoying The Touchdown Celebrations.?Ever since the league relaxed the touchdown celebration rules, we’ve been treated to some pretty amazing end zone antics.?
  4. Spots the Celebs.?There?are sure to be more than a few close-up shots of your favorite A-listers.
  5. The J. Lo & Shakira Halftime Show.?Those hips and those dance moves don’t lie.
  6. Judge the Commercials.?Did you know a 30-second spot during the halftime break costs upwards of $5 million? Is it worth it? You be the judge!
  7. Dream of That Miami Weather.?It’ll be in the mid-70s in Miami on Sunday… currently looking for flights.
  8. Face to Face Fandom.?There’s nothing quite like celebrating (or crying) with your fellow fans. At least you won’t be alone!
  9. Don’t Miss the Best Highlights.?Don’t doom yourself to seeing spoiler alerts on Twitter. Watch all the highlights on the big screen.?
  10. Relearn Your Roman Numerals.?(Hint: LIV = 54)

LIV in the Moment and Enjoy the Game

Even if you don’t care who wins or loses, just enjoy the game without any distractions?– you’ll have plenty of time to check your emails on Monday.??

In honor of our local Bay Area team?making it all the way to the 54th edition of the Big Game, Palm is now on sale for just $254 through Sunday. Get yours today!

]]> 2020-01-22T07:00:00-08:00 2020-01-22T10:55:01-08:00 #PalmCrew Spotlight: Q&A with Alex Glass Lauren Harper

The key to success for any company today begins and ends with its customers. Who are they? How are they using your product? What else do they want to see from your brand? Answering these key questions will help you learn and grow so that you can better serve your customers.

We already know that the?#PalmCrew?is special. We have absolutely loved hearing from you over the past few months and learning about how you’re using Palm—where you’re taking it, how it helps you disconnect and how it enables you to spend more time outside your screens.

We love following the?#PalmCrew?on social media to see how users are finding so many unique ways to get the most out of their Palm. People like?Alex Glass, a tech-enthusiast, athlete and family man, are showing us just how versatile and helpful Palm can be. Here is?Alex's Palm story:

What caught your eye about Palm? What was the motivation for wanting to purchase one?

I run 4 times a week and use an app. I found using the app on my normal cellphone a bit cumbersome, as it’s a tad on the large side and was therefore looking for a smaller phone that I could use the app on and also use as a phone for personal use. I came across the Palm in a “latest mobile tech” review, and, having investigated further via YouTube and other online media sources, decided to give it a try.

What are the main ways you use Palm today? What do you use it for most?

I have a Samsung which doubles as a work and personal phone.

What are the main ways you use Palm today? What do you use it for most?

In addition to using it for managing my running app, I’ve found it pretty easy to use as a phone and for emails, SMS, WhatsApp, etc., so I have actually started using it as personal phone as well. Because the shell and bezel are pretty slim, it’s small enough to pop in my jeans pocket, but the actual screen size is really not much smaller than an iPhone SE that I used to use.

What are the first apps you downloaded on Palm? What are your favorite apps to use on Palm?

I just duplicated all my apps over to the Palm from my other phone. This includes a bunch of music apps – TuneIn, Amazon Music, HEOS, Shazam, plus all the usual media apps; LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube and some fitness apps including Couch to 5K and MyFitness Pal. I also had my Garmin app on it until recently, but have now moved this to my Samsung Pad, as the visuals are better on a larger screen. The Palm is great for fitness apps as it’s so compact. I’ve also loaded my work email plus the mysms mirror app and linked this to my work number, so can still pick up emails/SMS’s and be notified of work related calls if I want to go out without my work phone, but need to keep an eye on what’s happening.

Have you noticed an overall impact on how and when you’re using your Palm compared to your?old?smartphone?

I would say that I don’t spend anywhere near as much time staring at?my screen, and, as it’s so compact, can just pop it in my pocket when I go out, rather than thinking where I can put it so it’s not overly visible to any potential pickpockets!

What is your favorite thing about Palm?

The fact that it’s small!

What would you like to see different or improved about the product?

With it being small, battery life is limited, as there’s clearly not much space inside the shell to contain much of one, and, if I were to have all my apps emails etc. constantly syncing in the background, it wouldn’t last more than a few hours. However, you can set it so that background updates are not constantly running, which saves battery. Additionally, if you really want to get away from everything and save battery, then switching to Life Mode stops everything (including calls/texts) until you next look at the screen. I can pretty well get a full day out of my Palm if I keep it on Life Mode.

What, if any, accessories are you using with Palm?

As I’m using my Palm most days/all day, I’ve I got a Mophie Juice Pack. This doubles as a case and (in my experience) more than doubles the battery life. With this combination I can almost get a complete days use out my Palm without using Life Mode.

How often do you use?Life Mode?on Palm? What are your experiences with using this feature??

I tend to use Life Mode when I’m in any situation where I don’t want to be disturbed e.g. attending meetings, at the gym, etc. Or if I want to conserve battery. Or indeed if I just want some peace!

Would you recommend Palm to others? Why or why not?

Yes I would. No hesitation. Does everything a full size cellphone does, but in a really neat little package.

Unless you also get a Mophie Juice Pack, be prepared to carry a booster battery with you, to allow for the short battery life. You’ll need to master the touch screen keyboard, as its smaller than you’ll be used to. Also be prepared for people to ask you questions about it...especially at check-outs. I keep all my store cards in an app and when I get the?Palm out to swipe at the till, cashiers will often ask me if it’s a “real” phone and when I say yes, they’ll ask where I got it from!? ?


Huge thanks to?Alex?for sharing his feedback with us. We want to hear your Palm story - submit yours today:?

]]> 2020-01-14T09:32:00-08:00 2020-01-14T09:42:55-08:00 New Decade, New You: Let’s Get Physical Lauren Harper

In all honesty, we’re struggling to wrap our heads around the fact that 2020 is just two weeks old! With all the exasperating global news, it really seems like it has been much, much longer. It seems like it was ages ago that we were enjoying the NYE festivities, singing Auld Lang Syne, and getting gung-ho about our New Year’s Resolutions. So, we won’t blame you if—like us—you’re already slipping on some of those 2020 fitness goals.

January is always the time that we resolve to get in shape and lose that holiday weight. But, we’re not?going to try to motivate you to hit the gym or get cracking on that diet. Those things are great, but we want to share a much simpler message with you that will carry into the new year and the new decade. Fitness goals are personal to each individual, and regardless of the scope or ambition of your goals going into this new decade, it will be easier to achieve them if we use our phones to empower and not distract from our plans.

Body and Mind

No matter what you do to stay active, there’s nothing better than simply sweating it out. Being active encourages proper blood flow to the brain, brings oxygen to the skin and relieves stress. Physical exercise makes us happier and more relaxed overall. Basically, it’s good for our bodies and our minds.

Whether you’re trying to complete an Ironman or you’re just trying to get outside more often for the occasional walk, the distractions from mobile devices can stifle even the most motivated person. When we spend hours looking at our phones instead of?breathing in that fresh air, it affects our physical health and mental wellness.

Numerous studies have shown that mental and physical wellness are closely associated, and recent research has also found concrete links between increased mobile screen time and the development of mental and physical health problems.?We need to be more intentional when it comes to using our mobile devices so that they enhance our physical endeavors, rather than distract us from them.

A Step Towards Clarity

We aren’t proposing anything radical when it comes to altering our relationships with our phones. There are a number of workout apps that can help us track our progress, reach our goals and motivate us to go harder, longer and faster. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with having your favorite playlist or podcast to keep you company while you sweat it out. But, when we bring our phone along during physical activities we also run the risk of simply scrolling mindlessly through all of our other apps instead of actually enjoying the activity we set out for. If you can keep your phone in Life Mode (or your phone’s equivalent), you can take a real step towards clarity. You can push yourself on the stationary bike, work up a sweat at Pilates, or just walk around the neighborhood to clear your head after a long day at work. And just as you can enjoy the benefits of working up a sweat, you can also enjoy the uninterrupted break from your digital life.

Triathlete Dellany Elizabeth told us that it’s not all about competition and reaching peak physical condition. She also enjoys just getting a break from her phone: “The times when you are digging deep, connecting with yourself on a different level, those are the times we crave as athletes. Those times are why we do what we do and Palm allows you to escape the world and be in your escape, just for a little, while still staying safe and connected.” Dellany’s approach to working out really proves the point that the time we spend during physical activities really is our time, and we should keep it that way.

Setting Goals

As we kick off this long decade, it really is the best time to look forward and set long term goals. If we can be more mindful of how and when we use our phones, we can live in the moment and reclaim our time. This is especially true when it comes to staying active. We’re bound to get so much more out of any physical activity if we can focus and leave behind our digital commitments, even for a little bit.?


]]> 2020-01-07T10:09:00-08:00 2020-01-07T10:11:03-08:00 New Decade, New You! Lauren Harper If there’s one thing that represents the craziness of the past 10 years, it’s the lightning-fast evolution of our smartphones, and how they’ve become so integral to our daily lives. With 2020 marking a new year and a new decade, it really is the time to look to the future, to make changes and to embrace healthier digital habits.



With 2019 all wrapped up, we find ourselves looking back on a crazy year in an even crazier decade. If there’s one thing that represents the craziness of the past 10 years, it’s the lightning-fast evolution of our smartphones, and how they’ve become so integral to our daily lives. The devices we had in our pockets in 2010 are a far cry from what we carry today—modern smartphones are bigger, smarter, sleeker, faster and more capable than we could have ever imagined at the start of the decade.?

We think what truly defines mobile tech in the 2010s is how central smartphones have become to our daily lives. As Joanna Stern put it in the Wall Street Journal, smartphones “changed what it means to be human. A gadget that altered the way we navigate the world, our relationships, ourselves.” Simply put, our smartphones have not just changed how we communicate, they’ve changed how we work, eat, sleep, date, travel, learn, play, workout and so much more. They’ve ultimately changed how we live!?

The evolution of our ever-changing relationship to mobile tech has advanced so rapidly that we, the consumer, never stopped to think about the effect it was having on us. We’ve become so closely tied to our mobile devices that we haven’t really had the chance to take a step back and look at how living in this digital world is affecting our physical, relational and mental health. As we enter a new decade, we think it’s important to evaluate and reassess the endless ways that we use these powerful devices. We want to learn from our mistakes so we can find a more harmonious balance—one that enables us to take control of our digital lives in this decade.

Let’s Get Physical

When it comes to physical fitness, our phone could truly be our best friend, but more often than not it turns out to be our worst enemy. It keeps us idle. It keeps us on the couch. It keeps us glued to the screen. While fitness apps can motivate and inspire us during workouts and physical activities, they don’t do us any good if we never have the chance to even open them because we just spent two hours on YouTube instead of spending an hour sweating it out at the gym. But, in the 2020s, we want to overcome these distractions and hit the ground running—or, biking, jogging, walking, lifting, crossfitting... whatever we can do to stay fit. Even if we’re not necessarily trying to break any records or compete in triathlons, it’ll be a lot easier to stay active if we can use our mobile devices to enhance our workouts, not distract us from them.?


Mental Health

Just as mobile devices require us to reassess our approach to physical fitness, we also have to think about how they are tinkering with our mental health. With our phones becoming ever-more ingrained into our every minute thought and action, the way we interact with our phones is changing day by day. So, it’s hard for even the most devoted researchers to understand what phones are doing to our brains when our relationship to them is evolving so rapidly. But it doesn’t take a scientist to realize that they’re clearly affecting how we think. Thankfully, the manner in which our mobile devices impact our mental health is an issue that rose to particular prominence during the second half of the 2010s. Numerous studies have been published over the last few years showing that too much time on our phones is having a negative impact on mental health.?

First, let’s start this decade off by embracing the fact that mental health is just as important as physical health, giving as much time and attention to mental wellness as we do to workout gear, fitness plans, gym memberships and diets. Let’s then start to take more agency in our digital lives and not allow what’s happening on our screens to dictate our moods. Channel our inner Marie Kondo and ask yourself what are you doing on your smartphone that brings you joy, and start to eliminate those tasks or apps that don’t fit your answer.

It’s Not You, It’s Your Phone

As phones became more advanced in the 2010s, we were excited about having the ability to stay connected like never before. Considering all of the top mobile apps fall under the “social” category, we should all be more connected and in sync than we were 10 years ago. But, the last decade has taught us that this isn’t always the case. Our phones often distract us from those around us, and can ultimately cause us to be less social. Think about it this way: in 2010, only about 22% of Americans had a social media account, whereas the average American now spends about 3 hours a day on social media apps. Because of this, we end up spending less quality with the people that matter most, even when we’re all in the same room. So it’s therefore no surprise that over the last decade more people reported feeling isolated and depressed, which is particularly true with the younger generation of users who grew up under the constant glare of mobile screens.?


Maintaining healthy relationships isn’t just good for our social lives, it’s important for our mental wellness. As psychotherapist Esther Perel puts it, “Mental health is deeply influenced by relational health—ultimately it’s the quality of your relationships that determines the quality of your life.” We should all strive to strike a healthier balance between our physical vs. digital relationships this decade, and use our smartphones as a tool to sustain our relationships instead of distracting us from them.

Modern Mobile Minimalism

Besides our phones getting bigger and bigger in the 2010s, they also became much more addicting. As the line between phone and phablet becomes blurred, it becomes even harder to ignore the noise. With so many of our personal and professional obligations tied to our mobile devices—along with all the streaming and games—our phones can be a constant distraction. It is understandable that so many people are now seeking out smaller, less demanding smartphones and choosing to embrace digital mobile minimalism. This doesn’t just mean wanting smaller phones, it means wanting smarter phones that don’t intrude into our daily lives.?

Luckily, there is an increasing amount of minimalist devices that provide all the necessities you’d expect from a modern smartphone, but they don’t monopolize our attention or encourage screen addiction. But, modern mobile minimalism is not just a choice of phone—it also has to be a lifestyle choice. When we deliberately choose to live life outside of our screens, it ends up improving our physical, mental and relational health as we enjoy living more in the moment… not on the screen.?


This Decade, Connect With What Matters

With 2020 marking a new year and a new decade, it really is the time to look to the future, to make changes and to embrace healthier digital habits. We can look back at the mobile missteps of the 2010s and kick off the new decade by redefining our relationship to the mobile devices we put into the palm of our hands. By choosing smarter (and smaller) devices and using them more deliberately, we can regain control of our digital world to improve our physical, mental and relational health.?

We want to continue to explore how we can improve our relationship to the digital world by creating devices that encourage us to make the right choices. Let’s use this new decade to reevaluate what truly matters in our own lives. Tell us: what are your goals for this new decade?


]]> 2019-12-18T06:00:00-08:00 2019-12-18T06:45:22-08:00 9 Ways You Used Palm in 2019 Lauren Harper

2019 was a big year for Palm. It was our first full calendar year in existence, and we had a lot of fun growing the brand and making Palm available all over the world. As more and more people turned to Palm as a new type of mobile experience, the #PalmCrew grew faster than we ever imagined.??

We were really interested to see how Palm owners were actually using their phone in 2019. We sent out a customer survey to hear what you had to say, and we got some pretty interesting responses. Of course, we wanted to share it with you, so, here’s how you used Palm in 2019:?

Who You Bought Palm For

Most people bought Palm for themselves (about 90%), but about 10% bought Palm for a family member or a child. But, with all of the holidays deals we have going on, we’ve made it easy?to give the gift of Palm this holiday season.

How You Use Palm

About 60% of you use Palm as a primary device, and about 40% use it as a companion device to a larger smartphone.

Why You Bought Palm

Most of you bought Palm because you wanted a smaller smartphone, but 30% of you said you purchased Palm because you wanted to be on your phone less. Either way, Palm is a great solution for people who don’t want to be overwhelmed by a large mobile screen.

You Stayed Active With Palm

About 30% of you regularly use Palm during fitness activities. We don’t blame you, it really is perfect for running, cycling, riding, going to the gym, or whatever you do to stay active.?

Your Top 5 activities

  1. Phone calls/messaging
  2. Getting directions
  3. Playing music
  4. Taking and sending photos
  5. Social media?

Your Top 5 apps

  1. Messaging
  2. Google Search/Chrome
  3. YouTube
  4. Google Maps
  5. Spotify / Instagram

Your Top 5 Accessories

  1. Mophie Battery Case
  2. Under Armour Case
  3. Screen Protector
  4. Palm Lanyard Case
  5. Kate Spade?wristlet

You Loved Life Mode

About 50% of you use Life Mode on a regular basis. When set up, it really helps users reduce screen time so they can live more fully, without constant mobile distractions.

You Streamed

At first, we were a little surprised to find out that so many people used their Palm to stream videos and music on YouTube, leading to YouTube being the top used social app on Palm. But with its 3.3” HD display, lightning fast LTE and Bluetooth capabilities, Palm lets you stream anytime, anywhere.????


2019 really was a fun and busy year for us at Palm—our tiny little phone is now available all over the world! We want to thank everyone who participated in the survey because it helps us understand how to make Palm even better moving forward. We want to hear more from you! Tell us your Palm story here.?

We hope you’ve enjoyed using Palm in 2019, as we at Palm wish you and yours a happy holiday. Here’s to a fantastic and healthy 2020!


]]> 2019-12-11T10:07:00-08:00 2019-12-11T10:07:51-08:00 Stephen Curry Gives High School Kids the Surprise of a Lifetime Lauren Harper

Going to the movies with Stephen Curry is a little bit different than your typical trip to the theater. Just ask the 40 students of East Oakland Youth Development Center, who Stephen surprised at a local theater in Oakland. We told the students they’d be seeing a film—we didn’t tell them which film, or that they’d be watching it with Stephen Curry! Let’s just say they were a little happy about it.

Palm teamed up with Stephen and his Eat.Learn.Play. Foundation to give the students a?special?screening?of his new documentary,?Emanuel, and have a discussion?about?#LifeMode – what it means and why it's important.?

Prior to?Stephen's arrival, we asked the students to turn in their phones before entering the theater. As they?went to take their seats?before the film started, Stephen snuck in through a side door. Not only were the students treated to a private screening with food and snacks, they also got to participate in an intimate and thought-provoking Q&A with Stephen after the film was over.?

While most theaters play a quick PSA reminding everybody to turn off their phones before the movie starts, these students got a personal message from the MVP explaining why they were asked to leave their phones at the door. He talked about how important it is for him to disconnect from the digital world, as it helps him to be more engaged on a personal and professional level. For Stephen, reducing digital distractions means more focus on his training with his teammates and spending more quality time with his family and friends.

Stephen told the students about a rule the Warriors implemented during team meetings and events. The players all drop their phones into a basket before they even enter the room. As professional athletes, this policy obviously helps the players connect with each other directly without any digital distractions. “We are very purposeful around creating these type of moments where we can engage and connect on a very personal level.” This team cohesion and harmony obviously translates onto the court when you look at the Warriors’ record over the last decade.?

Stephen went on to explain how it is also important for him to disconnect for his personal well-being, and how Life Mode on his Palm makes it easier. When he slips into Life Mode, Stephen gets to relax with his family and stay engaged without any distractions.?

Check out the full video from the event here:

With our digital world constantly expanding into every aspect of our personal lives, it can be hard to disconnect from our mobile devices. As a result, we end up missing out on the human connections and life moments happening around us. And, with the holidays in full swing, ‘tis the season for all of us to put down our phones and connect with our loved ones. Ask yourself,?what are some ways that you can?spend less time on your phone and more time with the people in your life? And, how can you carry those good habits into the New Year??

We think Palm is a great solution for people who don’t want to be distracted from the real world. Our Life Mode feature makes it a little easier to focus on the holidays and escape the constant noise coming from our mobile screens.

If you’re ready to give Palm a whirl, now is the best time to do it. You can save $75 on an Unlocked Palm during our Holiday Sale and we have convenient Holiday Bundles that can save you up to $150. Get yours today and see what living in #LifeMode is all about.

]]> 2019-12-04T09:58:00-08:00 2019-12-04T13:21:56-08:00 Top 20 Takeaways From Our Look Up Event Lauren Harper

Yesterday, we teamed up with Blloc phone to put together a special one-day only event to talk to people about the effects that our digital technologies are having on our behavior, psychology and overall well being. Featuring?acclaimed speakers such as Dr. Nicholas Karadas and Tiffany Shlain, the day was filled with enlightening, and at times, frightening insights on the reality of spending too much time on our digital devices.?

Each of the three panels had their own unique approach to the discussion of screen time and the ubiquity of mobile devices. Here are the top takeaways and quotes from the day:

  1. Checking your phone is like yawning - if you do it, all the sudden everyone around you will do it, too. - Tiffany Shlain
  2. All the research being done about changing habits makes it clear that you have to replace a bad habit with one that brings you joy. What do you wish you had more time to do? Take away phone time and replace it with your answer. - Tiffany Shlain
  3. It’s about being mindful and aware of your usage. Ask yourself questions like why am I using this and what value is it adding to my life right now? We can better catch ourselves when we actually start paying attention to our use of these screens. We need to first look at the sheer number of apps we have on our phones. Go through them and try to delete all the ones you haven’t used in the last 6+ months. You can also try hiding specific icons or moving a lot of apps beyond the home screen. - Carl Barenbrug
  4. It’s pretty unhealthy for us to be this available and ‘on’ 24/7. We are more stressed out than ever. The bigger question is how are we going to value being present and intentional moving forward? - Tiffany Shlain
  5. Tech companies need to have common values and if they want to improve or change behavior of users. Companies need to come together over common values to lead the consumer in the right direction. - Carl Barenbrug
  6. Companies respond to markets; when the market starts to want these kinds of limits, companies will start to respond to that, and I think we have only started scratching the surface on consumer awareness of this issue. - Laura Sydell
  7. We’re in the middle of realizing that we have a problem with our tech. Companies haven’t wanted to address it before because they are making money based on how long consumers are on their platform. For example, if you use Facebook less then that means you are exposed to less advertising and therefore less advertisers are likely to spend their money on Facebook. So Facebook is then incentivized to keep you on their platform for as long as possible. - Dennis Miloseski
  8. We need to help each other as a community to be more mindful and intentional with our devices. We need to all lean on each other to help us curb these addictions. - Howard Nuk
  9. I want to challenge the idea that it’s all up to the consumer to change their behavior. Two out of three people who set a goal to reduce their screen time have failed at that goal because our devices today are designed to keep you on them. There are companies like ours (Blloc and Palm) and others that provide you with other options. It’s not just about buying more, it’s about being healthier with your decisions. - Adham Badr
  10. About 10% of the population is predisposed to addictive behavior, so about one in ten people have an addiction. We have found that digital addiction is the same as any other substance addiction - it’s all about the dopamine. - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
  11. Some of the top tech people have come out saying that they are actively trying to make their apps and products more addictive. They knew and designed it purposefully to keep people glued to their screens. The problem is with most addicts, the more addicted you are, the less capable you are of controlling the impulses behind said addiction. - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
  12. The most plugged in generation is also the most lonely. - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
  13. Six and seven-year-olds who don’t yet have any impulse control are being overly impacted by the affect of too much screen time and as a result we’ve seen skyrocketing depression and suicide rates. They become stimulation dependent - hypnotizes them to only be primed for constant stimulation. - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
  14. When we put screens constantly in front of kid’s faces we are robbing them of their own creative process. It’s good for kids to be bored - they are forced to use their brain to be creative to find something new to do. - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
  15. Pediatric suicide (kids ages 5-10) used to be more of a concept, but today it’s become an actual clinical issue as we are seeing more of these suicides happen. - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
  16. The role of parents its twofold: they are not only modeling the same problematic behavior by being on their devices, but there’s also something called distracted parent syndrome. If you’re with your child and you’re ignoring them because your are on your screen it’s actually more damaging to your child, because they see it as a projection that they aren’t worth your time and they internalize this as rejection. - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
  17. There isn’t one study that shows that introducing tablets in elementary school leads to better education by the time they hit high school. - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
  18. If we are all seduced and sedated by our devices, then we aren’t aware of what’s going on in the world around us. We are all swimming in a big microwave and 5G is only going to make it even worse with the radiation it will expel. - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
  19. The current suicide and overdose epidemics are not unrelated events. It’s not an accident that young people are dying in record numbers in the digital age. We need to be more aware of what we are doing with our tech devices and what we are using them for. - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras
  20. Our current quality of life is no longer the same as it used to be because of technology. We are more irritable, anxious and stressed because we are always having to be ‘on’. Being connected 24/7 connected doesn’t allow us to unplug or unwind. We can’t ever truly detach and therefore we can’t get the true rest our bodies and minds require. - Dr. Nicholas Kardaras

You can learn more about the screen time problem and how to combat it in our Digital Detox blog series. Tell us - how are you being mindful of your tech use and screen time?

Palm can help you rethink your use of smartphones. Grab yours today and get $100 off during our Cyber Sale, but hurry, sale ends Friday!

]]> 2019-11-26T06:30:00-08:00 2019-11-26T06:30:00-08:00 The Best Holiday Traditions Start Offline Lauren Harper

The holiday season is ramping up. Decorations are up all over town. Holiday music is blasting in every speaker. Festive feasts abound. And shopping, shopping, shopping. But, the very essence of the season can’t be found in any store. The best part of the holidays is being able to spend time with our friends and families.?

All of us at Palm love the holiday traditions that we’ve created with our friends and families over the years. Whether it’s an annual Friendsgiving, decorating sugar cookies or even catching a movie with your family, we strive to uphold these long-held holiday traditions and pass them on to the next generation.?

While we all celebrate the holidays in different ways, most of us will agree that our most cherished traditions start offline. Lifelong memories aren’t created while gazing down at a phone screen. Our favorite holiday memories are created when our phones are out of sight and out of mind. Of course, we might pull out our camera to snap a quick picture to show off our cookie decorating skills, but what we really cherish (besides eating said cookie) is the time that we spent with each other.?

For many, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year simply because everyone is together. In fact, it might be the only time of the year that your entire family is all in the same house at once. So, if we want to make the most of our limited time, we have to proactively avoid looking at our phone… and that’s not always easy.

It’s safe to say that it has become harder for most people to set down their phones and really disconnect from their digital life. We are pestered by work emails, appointment reminders, random text messages, social media updates, news alerts and the ceaseless noise coming from our mobile world. These things invariably distract us from the people and activities going on around us. This can have an impact on our ability to live in the moment and truly enjoy the holiday season.?


Stay Offline and In the Moment This Holiday Season

We designed Palm to help people spend less time looking at their phone. Palm can enable you to spend more time looking up and living outside of the screen, without feeling disconnected or worried about missing out on anything important. It is all about balance. The holiday season is the best time of the year to find the right balance in your life and perhaps to even help you start a new holiday tradition of your own. Palm can help you focus on the loved ones around you, rather than the constant noise and distraction coming from your mobile device.

If you’re ready to achieve better digital balance with Palm, there has never been a better time to try it out. In fact, our Black Friday deal goes live tomorrow. It’ll be the lowest price on a Palm that you can find this holiday season. If you can’t wait that long, we have some amazing Holiday Bundles that are also a great bang for your buck. Check them out here.

]]> 2019-11-20T06:30:00-08:00 2019-11-20T06:30:00-08:00 Introducing Our Exclusive Holiday Bundles Lauren Harper The holiday season is all about spending time with friends and family. While we love all the traditions like shopping, eating, wrapping, opening and more eating, the best part of the season is being able to enjoy all of these things with our loved ones. We’re left with memories of the time spent with the people in our lives, not of the gifts we opened or the food we ate. In today’s world, we are more easily distracted from creating these memories because of our mobile devices.?

As essential as it is to post about the pumpkin pie you made, show off your wrapping skills and brag about your gifts, the best memories are those made outside of the screen. Phone and tablets can really get in the way of holiday fun. It’s the best time of the year to put down our phones and just enjoy the real world. We created Palm with Life Mode because we dreamed of a phone that made it easier to disconnect from our digital world and give us more time to spend with our loved ones. That is why, during the holiday season, we refer to #LifeMode as #HolidayMode.

In the spirit of giving and spending time with loved ones, we wanted to do something special to celebrate this season and #HolidayMode. We created three special bundles for people looking to give the gift of Palm (and save a little bit of cash). Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or rewarding yourself this year, these great deals have everything you need to get started with becoming a modern mobile minimalist and living outside your screen. All priced at $299, check them out here:

The?Modern Minimalist?Package
The?Modern Minimalist Package is the perfect starter kit for anyone ready to experience a healthier relationship with their digital world. At $299, this bundle is great bang for your buck (originally a $400 value). It includes:?

  • An unlocked Palm phone?
  • Palm lanyard case?
  • Screen protector?
  • Catherine Price’s book How to Break Up With Your Phone

We put this bundle together for users who want fewer digital distractions in their daily life, but still need a fully functional smartphone. With Price’s book and this all-inclusive Palm kit, you’ll be on your way to a life with fewer digital distractions.?


The Kid Minimalist
When we designed Palm, we knew that it would be a favorite among parents and children. The small size makes it an ideal first phone for younger users—it fits more easily into their small hands and pockets. At the same time, parents love knowing that they can get their children a phone that is affordable, super durable and easy to manage.

With the Kid Minimalist?package, parents can keep their family connected, without having to equip their child with an expensive, giant screen. The Kids Starter Pack includes:?

  • An unlocked Palm phone?
  • Screen protector?
  • Free 3-month Bark subscription?
  • Your choice of an Under Armour or Kate Spade flexible hardshell case

This is a great deal for children of any age.?Originally a $450 value, this package can be purchased for just $299 while supplies last.?

The Power?Minimalist?
We put together the Power Minimalist package for people who clock a lot of screen time and need a little extra juice to get through to the end of the day. The bundle includes:?

  • An unlocked Palm phone?
  • Screen protector?
  • Mophie Juice Pack battery case?

The Mophie case can add up to 13 extra hours of battery time to your Palm, so you can go all day without having to stop for a recharge. Grab this $425 value package for just $299 while supplies last.?

These are the best deals you’ll find on Palm this holiday season, so stock up while supplies last! Shop today to give the gift of Palm and #HolidayMode.?

]]> 2019-11-13T06:30:00-08:00 2019-11-13T06:30:00-08:00 Stock Up and Save on These Essential Palm Accessories Lauren Harper Tis’ the season of gifting and it’s time to start thinking about what you want to give (and get) this year. We all know that those small gifts and stocking stuffers can often be the most memorable.

Palm is the ultimate stocking stuffer for anybody who wants better balance in their digital life. If your loved ones already have a Palm, don’t worry, we have great accessories that they’ll love.?

Palm was designed to go anywhere and everywhere. It just takes the right accessory to turn Palm into your closest companion for any adventure, or the perfect addition for any outfit. Whether it’s a night out with friends or a morning run, Palm is an all-action phone that lets you bring your digital life everywhere, without being weighed down.

With the holidays in mind, we’re excited to announce that Verizon is offering 50% off all Palm accessories! This is a great chance to save on some gifts and maybe even get something for your Palm, even if you’re not on Verizon.?

Check out some of our favorite accessories, you might find a couple that you want to add to your collection so your Palm can be ready for everything.

Palm Lanyard Case

The Palm Lanyard Case is definitely a favorite around our office. It comes with two lanyards of different lengths so you can wear it comfortably around your neck or wrist. It’s also easy to take the lanyard off, leaving you with a simple and protective everyday case.

(Photo by @Fitbylalo)

Palm Screen Protector

Palm is already built tough as nails. The 3.3” HD screen is crafted out of impact resistant Corning Gorilla Glass so you know it can handle its fair share of spills. But, the extra security of this tempered glass protector is perfect for kids and people who are particularly rough on their phone.

Under Armour Protect Grip Case

We had Under Armour design a super tough and grippy case for going to the gym, running, working out, or whatever it is you do to stay active. A lot of people have been using this as their go-to daily case because they love the peace of mind that comes with having a little extra impact protection.

Granite Leather Wallet

This sleek leather wallet is a minimalist dream. Slide your Palm into the wallet and it still fits into most coin pockets! Available in a classic black and classy brown leather. Simple, protective, stylish. What more do you need?

Verizon Sports Sleeve

This is the must-have accessory for athletes. Take it to the gym and wear it while you lift weights or run. It’ll even stay put while playing basketball. Trust us, we’ve seen Stephen drain about 20 threes in a row while wearing the sports sleeve.

(Photo by @JeysonPaez)


Mophie Juice Pack

The Mophie Juice Pack is the clutch accessory for people who clock a lot of hours on their Palm. The pack has a really low profile so it doesn’t make your Palm bulky or heavy. Add in wireless charging capabilities and this little power pack can get you through the longest day. It also comes in three great colors (pink, blue and black) if you’re looking for some extra style with all that added power.

Kate Spade Wristlet

This leather wallet adds a whole lot of class to any outfit. It’s elegant and practical at the same time. It even has sleeves for your ID and credit cards. Perfect for weddings, date nights, formal events and everyday style.

K-Edge Bike Mount

Cyclists love Palm! And the K-Edge Mount kit works for pretty much any type of bike. It fits onto the handlebar and has a quick release so you can remove your Palm to take a pic or make a call in the middle of a ride. The mount is super sturdy and won’t budge, even on the rockiest MTB trails.

Tech21 Pure Cases

The Tech21 cases are perfect for kids. Not only are they protective and affordable, they come in four great colors: carbon, clear, blue, and pink. They also come with a convenient optional wristlet.



As you can see, with the right accessory Palm can be kitted at for any person to take on any activity. And since you can get 50% off right now, you may as well stock up on a few before the sale ends!

]]> 2019-11-08T17:01:00-08:00 2019-11-08T17:01:09-08:00 Mobile Photography Tips —?Fundamentals 2 Cory Maryott ??

?Yesterday we kicked off our blog series on photography tips and explored two key fundamentals that will help you level up your skills. Now that we’ve gone over how to focus on storytelling and how to frame and compose your image, we’ll share the last two fundamentals for killer mobile photography.

Fundamental 3 — Mastering light

? ? ?The word photography itself stems from Greek “photos” (light) and “graphe” (drawing). Everything in photography is based on light. Understanding this is critical to creating powerful photographs. We typically think of light in a singular way—there’s either light, or there isn’t. It's either bright, or it's dark. When we begin to pay attention to light, however, we can see that it can actually have varied intensity, colors and even varying qualities of softness or hardness.?

? ? ?In order to master light in your photography, begin by actively paying attention to the light all around you. Observe the difference between light from the sun and light indoors. Notice how objects, places and people look different in bright sunlight versus light on an overcast day. You’ll often find that bright sunlight can bring out vibrant colors, but also casts harsh shadows that can be tricky to work with. Overcast light is flattering for portraits because?it doesn’t cast severe shadows on the face, but sometimes colors can appear dull and murky. When observing light, start to look across these following qualities, and get a feel for how they bring out different feelings in the subject of your photographs:

? ? ?Intensity—bright light and low light can bring out different qualities in your subject. Try taking photos of an object (say, an apple, or any other common item you have laying around), in bright light and low light, and observe the different outcomes. An easy way to test this is by comparing bright, direct sunlight, against the light available after the sun has just set (often called the “Blue Hour”). The same object/subject will take on different moods in your photos.

? ? ?Try comparing natural light sources (the sun, maybe the moon!) to artificial sources. There are countless types of artificial light to test. Fluorescent bulbs have different color and quality than tungsten bulbs. Try playing with a lamp you have lying around, or even a flashlight. Your laptop screen could even be a light source to experiment with. Get creative and try using whatever sources you have available to light your an image.

? ? ? You’ll likely begin to notice quickly that light can be either “hard” or “soft”. Light that is shining directly from the source onto your subject is typical “hard”— and will cast shadows with well defined edges. Hard light can bring out a lot of texture and detail, but for some subjects (like portraits) it can be tricky to use gracefully.?

? ? ?Soft light on the other hand is either diffused or reflected from the source onto the subject. Sunlight that passes through the clouds on an overcast day is diffused by the clouds, creating a soft effect. Sunlight that bounces off a big white wall of a building is also soft,?creating a much more gentle effect than direct sunlight. Soft light in this way is typically less intense than hard light, and casts shadows that have “fuzzy” or soften edges. This light can be incredibly flattering for portraits and still-life photos, but sometimes it can leave an image feeling a little too flat if there’s not enough contrast in the composition. Both hard and soft lighting have pros and cons—by observing and experimenting with both you’ll be able to know when to employ one or the other.

? ? ?Lastly, observe the color of light. Light can lean warm or cool—in photography, we actually refer to this quality as “Temperature”, and represent it as a spectrum between cool blue hues to warm orange hues. You might notice, for example, that portraits taken under fluorescent lights can often appear green and sickly— not the most flattering, but it could be the effect you’re going for. Try taking a portrait of someone illuminated by the colorful light of a neon sign, and observe the effect it has. By now, you’ve realized the key is to experiment, try new things, observe and experiment some more. The more you test and shoot, the more you’ll learn.

Fundamental 4 — Enjoy the process

? ? ?More than anything, it’s important to remember to simply enjoy the process of taking photos. Your photos don’t need to grace the cover of Vogue to have value and bring joy to yourself and others. Get in the habit of slowing down, putting yourself in #LifeMode and observing the world around you outside your screens. Observe how light falls on everything and everyone, and enjoy the richness of color, texture, and beauty in everything. Without a doubt, this practice will help you feel more centered in your day to day, and bring you a greater appreciation for the fleeting moments of life.?

? ? ?We hope you found these photography fundamentals insightful and helpful for your next adventure. Of course— don’t forget to share the photos you capture on Palm with us on social media.

? ? ?Tag @Palm in your photos and use the #PalmPics hashtag so we can see what you create (and for a chance to be featured on the Palm account!). Happy shooting!

]]> 2019-11-06T15:12:00-08:00 2019-11-08T17:02:56-08:00 Mobile Photography Tips —?Fundamentals Cory Maryott


? ? ?With the rise of the mobile cameras, nearly everyone today has a camera in their pocket at all times. Practicing photography is actually a phenomenal way to train yourself to be more present, observant and engaged with the world around you—rather than just passively staring at your phone screen. This week, we will provide a two-part blog series where we’ll share four fundamentals of photography. The first two of four fundamentals focus on leveling up your photography skills, being more observant and using the craft as a way to be more aware of life around you. Whether you’re shooting on your Palm, a classic film camera, or another smartphone, we hope these tips will help you become a more intentional and skilled photographer.

Fundamental 1 —?Get clear on what you’re trying to show and convey.

? ? ?The first fundamental we’ll explore is easy to gloss over, but it is arguably the most important—that is,?get clear on what you’d like to show and convey in your photo. Great photos tell a story, convey a message, or evoke an emotional response from the viewer. Your job as a photographer is to frame your story or message through your lens, and bring the viewers to the “destination” you’d like them to arrive at. Not every photo’s story needs to be a novel, but it should have a clear focus and subject.?

? ? ?How do you achieve this? Start by asking yourself what caught your eye about the scene you’re photographing and what elements you want to show up in your image. That is, what would you like someone to feel when viewing this image? Is it hope? Sadness? A sense of beauty? Or do you simply want to show that you and your friends finished the hike? Whatever it is, try to get a clear perspective on it, so you can intentionally arrange the elements within the frame. Getting in the habit of thinking through this filter when taking photos will help train your eyes to frame images in a more compelling manner. As you practice framing with clarity, it will become second nature and you’ll be seeing clear images before you even pull out your camera.?

This image, captured on Palm, aims to draw the viewer's eye through the plants and to the light airy ceiling. Do you get a sense of lightness and airiness??





Fundamental 2 —?Composition and Framing

? ? ?Once you’ve figured out what you want to show and convey in your photo, you want to think about how to achieve capturing it with the right composition and framing. This will take your photos to the next level. Thankfully, learning the basics is pretty easy, and the more you practice, the sharper your skills will get.?

? ? ?What exactly is composition and framing? Essentially we’re talking here about how you arrange elements of your photograph in order to guide the viewer’s eyes, and get your message or story across. If storytelling is the “why” behind our photos, we can think of composition and framing as the “how”. By mastering this fundamental area of photography, you’ll become exceptionally better at getting your story and your message across.

? ? ?So how do we organize elements of our photos well? There’s a couple tried and true techniques that will be helpful starting points.

? ? ?Let’s start first with the rule of thirds—essentially this rule encourages us to line up key elements of our composition along guidelines that cut the frame into thirds, both horizontally and vertically (see the image below). When lining up your frame to take a photo, experiment with placing things along these lines, and at the four intersections. This often helps give your composition a more balanced feeling—your subject won’t feel too far out of the frame, but also won’t feel too heavily centered. For landscapes, experiment with placing the horizon at the bottom or top thirds of your photos. You’ll notice that lining up the horizon to the bottom third gives more attention to the sky, or to whatever is above your horizon. Placing the horizon at the top third of your frame has the opposite effect, and instead give the viewer more attention to what’s below the horizon—perhaps a city, or a valley below the mountains. In this example, the same scene will take on two different focuses and communicate different “stories” to the viewer.

?You can turn on the grid in your camera settings on Palm to get a helpful guide for composing your images.?

? ? ?The rule of thirds is a great guiding principle, but is certainly not the only option when arranging your photograph. Many photos actually break the rule and instead place their subject smack in the center of the frame. This is totally acceptable, and can create a very powerful effect in your photo. To practice, try going back and forth between centering your subject and aligning it to the rule of thirds. For example, how does a portrait change when you show the face in the center of the photo compared to having it in the right third of the frame? As you practice and experiment, you’ll get a sense for how the different compositions affect the overall image.?

? ? ?While experimenting with composition and learning through trial and error is critical, I also highly recommend taking some time to study composition. Look at professional photographers and notice how they frame their subjects and elements within the image. Photography books, print magazines, Instagram and Pinterest are all great starting points for finding inspiration.?

? ? ?You can also look back even further into the works of master classical painters, like Vermeer or da Vinci, to see how they arranged their paintings to draw the eye along through the scene and tell a story. Additionally, pay very close attention to the way light is portrayed in these paintings. Observe how the light falls in the painting, and how it either illuminates or obstructs (through shadow) different elements within the painting. You’ll begin to notice that best painters clearly mastered the use of light and shadow to bring our eyes to gaze upon to a specific point in the scene. Studying classic painted portraits is especially helpful for getting better at framing portrait photography. Notice how the painters pose the angle of the face, the chin, the shoulders, the eyes. Then, use what you learned the next time you pull out your camera.

? ? ?In our next blog will talk much more about mastering light. We hope these first two photography fundamentals get you inspired to pull out your camera and start snapping pics with more clarity, composition and framing. Don't forget to share your images you take on Palm with us— tag #PalmPics for a chance to be featured!

]]> 2019-11-01T06:00:04-07:00 2019-11-01T06:00:04-07:00 Palm is Officially Available in China! Lauren Harper Starting today, people living in China will be able to purchase Palm through, and as a standalone device. Palm works on China Mobile and China Unicom, as well as with China Telecom (4G only).

The Palm Lanyard Case as well as the Sport Armband accessories will be available for purchase at all aforementioned retailers.?

Learn more about our launch in China in the following articles:

PR News


]]> 2019-10-29T07:00:00-07:00 2019-10-29T07:00:00-07:00 Why Voice Activation Is The Way Of The Future (And How To Use It On Palm) Lauren Harper
Consumers today are getting more into the habit of talking to our tech instead of typing and swiping. With the proliferation of voice-activated technologies, voice is quickly becoming the new touch on new emerging technologies. The smart speaker market, for example, exploded in 2018, with around 41 percent of U.S. consumers now owning a voice-activated speaker, up from 21.5 percent in 2017. Today you can find voice-activated refrigerators, thermostats, cars and even toothbrushes.
It’s safe to say voice activation is only going to become more popular as our tech evolves. At Palm, we think this a great thing. In fact, we made voice activation a big part of Palm because it is usually the fastest and easiest way to get things done on the go.

Why is Voice Such An Important Palm Feature?

Our mission at Palm is to create mobile devices that allow people to spend less time looking at their screens and more time engaging in the real world. We want you to use voice to navigate your Palm so that you’re not always looking down and being consumed by a screen. Less time looking down means you’re not distracted or slowed down by your phone.
Typing just isn’t the fastest way to send a text or search the web these days. According to one study, most of us wipe, swipe, or tap our phone over 2,500 times in a single day. That’s not just a shocking amount of touches, it is a considerable amount of time being unnecessarily wasted.
Basically, we’re spending too much time on our phones throughout the day, and we designed Palm with easy voice activation because it is a realistic way to eliminate some of these extra touches. You can get more done while spending less time looking at the screen.

How to Use Voice on Palm

Getting comfortable with Palm’s voice activation is an immediate way that you can reduce the amount of minutes you spend looking down at the screen. Your voice-enabled Palm can instantly connect you to all your favorite apps and features.
Voice activation can make using your Palm faster, safer and more mobile. No more slowing down to change the song on your evening jog. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the road as you call your BFF on the drive from work. Come up with a brilliant idea for work tomorrow? Quickly dictate a note on your Palm before you forget the idea. All of these actions, might slow you down and distract you if you have to pick up your phone and start typing, but they become simple and seamless when you use voice.
Here are some other great ways you can use voice on Palm to speed up digital interactions and trim screen time:
  • Get directions
  • Start your favorite playlist
  • Set a calendar reminder
  • Reply to a text
Are you using voice-enabled tech in your daily life? Tell us your voice story with Palm?– we’re always listening so we can make Palm even better.
]]> 2019-10-17T08:00:00-07:00 2019-10-17T08:00:00-07:00 Contest: Help us Welcome Stephen Curry to San Francisco! Lauren Harper Calling all Palm Crew in San Francisco! We’re super excited to tell you about a fun contest we’re throwing this week with Stephen Curry. As an investor and a brand ambassador, Stephen has been a big part of the Palm story since day one. And now, with the Warriors moving to the Chase Center, just a few blocks from the Palm office, we wanted to do something special to officially welcome Stephen to San Francisco.

We worked with Stephen to create a contest to show his love for his fans and his city. Stephen put together a list of his top 10 spots to visit in San Francisco. To participate in the contest, you just have to visit as many of the 10 locations as possible, take a selfie at each spot and post it to either your Twitter or Instagram accounts. Each post needs to tag @Palm and @StephenCurry30 and include the contest hashtag #StephTakesSFcontest. Each spot you visit will earn you another entry to the contest, increasing your chances of winning! It’s super easy to participate and you can officially enter into the contest here.?

One lucky Grand Prize winner will receive an unlocked Palm, 2 tickets to a Warrior’s game at Chase Center (with a courtside shoot-around and photo opportunity with Stephen before the game), dinner for 2 at International Smoke before the game and a signed SC30 jersey! But, don’t worry if you don’t win the grand prize because three 2nd place winners will receive a signed SC30 jersey from Stephen and an unlocked Palm. The contest is super easy to enter, so be sure to participate if you’re in the Bay Area.

Contest Rules and Details

Signing up for?the contest is simple: submit your name, email and zip code in the form on the contest page?to be officially entered to win. Contestants will have one week (from October 17-24)?to visit as many of the 10 locations as possible and submit?their selfie. Make sure you return to the contest page to officially submit your selfie after you’ve posted it to your social channel, or your entry won’t count!?

The contest officially closes on Thursday, October 24, so use your time wisely! There is no particular order that needs to be followed in order to win. Each photo you upload, on or before October 24, will count as one (1) single entry to the contest. If you visit all 10 locations, you will receive 10 entries to win. (You may only receive one entry per landmark.)?

If you have any questions feel free to DM us on IG or Twitter. Don’t wait - enter for your chance to meet Stephen Curry today.?

Good luck!?


]]> 2019-10-10T06:00:00-07:00 2019-10-15T08:37:45-07:00 World Mental Health Day: How Tech Impacts Our Mental Health [Infographic] Lauren Harper At Palm, we’re doing our best to understand how we can promote healthier digital habits and create tech that enhances our lives on a daily basis. In taking a closer look at how our mental health is affected by phone addiction and screen time, we found and learned some alarming facts about how our digital devices can affect our mental health. Take a look and see for yourself.? Maybe it’s time to consider a digital detox.?


October 10th is World Mental Health Day and it’s a chance to raise awareness of a global health issue that is very important to us. It’s also a great opportunity to consider how technology can impact mental health. Of course, anybody with a smartphone will tell you that too much screen time is not a great thing, but there is also an increasing amount of scientific research showing how mobile tech can negatively affect our mental health.?

A shocking 50% of American teens say they feel addicted to their phones. We’ve also seen a number of celebrities talking about phone addiction and their efforts to digital detox. With phones becoming bigger and smarter, it’s harder than ever to put them down. They are built to keep us consumed and it’s safe to say they are changing the way we interact with each other. Our Director of Marketing, Lauren Harper, recently went on the Heroine podcast to discuss the relationship between tech and mental health. She shared some helpful advice on how and when to set your phone down so you can embrace the real world around you.

In researching how to better live in the moment in the digital age, we found Catherine Price’s book, How to Break up with Your Phone, to be an enlightening take on how you can make tech work for you, not the other way around. We even had the chance to host a Q&A with Catherine, which you can check out on our IG today! We’re inspired by thought leaders like Price and we’ve found a lot of resources that help us better understand the role tech plays in mental health. We’ve found great info from the likes of the American Academy of Pediatrics and psychologist Dr. Jean Twenge (among many others) who have studied and published extensively on the subject.?

In taking a closer look at how our mental health is affected by phone addiction and screen time, we found some amazing, yet alarming facts. To highlight some of the most eye-opening findings, we put together an infographic that shows the effects that mobile devices can have throughout our lifetime. Check it out:





The research reflected in the infographic is helping us to create products that let users have better relationships with the tech in their lives. Palm is a great place to start if you want to spend less time on your phone - get yours here.


]]> 2019-10-03T08:32:00-07:00 2019-10-07T09:31:14-07:00 A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Designing Palm: Q&A with Howard Nuk Lauren Harper We’re excited to share that Palm has recently won a?Good Design Award?for their mobile phone category. To celebrate this award, we wanted to take a look back at the brilliance behind Palm’s design and creation, and interviewed our co-founder, Howard Nuk on the decisions behind building Palm.



The look and feel of Palm is both sleek and minimalistic, and that’s all by design. Palm’s co-founders are both designers, with experience at companies such as Samsung, Google and Frog Design, so it’s no wonder that the design of Palm is so eye-catching.?

In fact, we’re excited to share that Palm has recently won a Good Design Award for their mobile phone category. To celebrate this award, we wanted to take a look back at the brilliance behind Palm’s design and creation, and interviewed our co-founder, Howard Nuk, on the decisions behind building Palm:

Q: How did you come up with the original concept for Palm?

A: Prior to Palm, we spent years incubating and creating the smartwatch category. In the early days of wearable design, we posited that people would want an LTE connected watch so they could leave their big and heavy phones at home. What we found was that people would still bring both devices with them on the go, because of the limitations of the watch platform - minimal apps, no camera, slow processor etc. We were also seeing the trend of mobile phones growing in physical size, effectively becoming these commoditized one-size-fits-all phablets. Between the shortcomings of smartwatches and the sheer size of smartphones, we realized that there was a completely unaddressed market of those who don’t need or want a huge phone, but still wanted to be connected, with all core apps they love. If you also remember the movie “Her”?Joaquin Phoenix’s character has a tiny pocketable device that is primarily used with voice, and he only used its display for confirmation or video capture. We were inspired by the way he simply used his voice to take most actions, and physical product itself became secondary.?

Q: Color, shape, size - where did you begin in your process for designing Palm?

A: We took the product down to its bare minimum - no buttons, no screen, and built back up. This process helped us to truly evaluate what else was needed, what we could scrap and other edits it needed to get it to where we were happy with it.

Q: How did you determine the design elements you wanted to use to stand out from the other mobile devices on the market today? What makes Palm stand out?

A: Palm is essentially an entirely new category of mobile devices. We call it an ultra mobile companion because it is so small, yet it has the capability of a standalone smartphone. Palm is also unique because it can be worn however you want. You can wear it around your neck on a lanyard, slip into a sports band on your wrist, or just tuck into a coin pocket.?

The product has a minimalist theme throughout the software and hardware design. We simplified ports and buttons down to a beautiful object that works with the UI cohesively. The ultra slim aluminum mid-frame design gives a low profile illusion that makes the device perceived thinner than it actually is. The hi-polished “PALM” logo contrasts with the black 2.5D curved glass. The sophisticated color and material selection makes the device a versatile accessory for different occasions from fitness to social.

Q: What were some of the biggest challenges you faced while designing Palm?

A: The challenge for Palm was creating a device with the size and mobility of a wearable while still having the capabilities of a fully functioning smartphone. As you might imagine, there was a lot of miniaturization that went into the hardware design of Palm, from our custom 3.3” HD display to our camera module, among other technology. It was also a huge challenge to design and manufacture at our high tolerances in order to achieve our IP68 rating (water and dust resistant), which is extremely important to Palm experiential value proposition.

We also worked hard to create a user experience that was seamless—enabling users to switch between using their Palm and their smartphone instantly without missing a beat.

Q: How does this design benefit the greater good; consider society, culture, the economy, etc.??

A: We’ve become so reliant on our smartphones that we’re often missing out on the real world around us. With smartphones getting bigger and bigger, excessive screen time is a real issue for users all over the world. That’s why we designed Palm—inside and out—to help users realistically reduce screen time. By letting you stay connected without being consumed or distracted by your mobile device, Palm is perfect for people who want less screen time and more time engaging in real life. Despite software solutions pushed by many companies, we continue to see news that is packed with studies and reports on the negative effects of smartphone over-usage and screen time.

In Europe, people eat less than Americans, partially because they have smaller plates. Similarly, we chose to address the issue of screen time through unique software solutions mixed with a physical hardware change: a smaller display.

Palm lets users leave their big smartphone at home, without leaving behind the conveniences of a modern smartphone, giving them a tangible option for staying tied into the digital world without always staring at their screens.?

Q: How does Palm deliver a simple and intuitive experience for its users?

A: Our goal is to improve the mobile experience by making a device that is less distracting, minimizes interaction time, and is easier to set aside. Palm doesn’t demand your attention or distract you from the real world. Instead, it keeps you connected to your digital life exactly how and when you want.?

Palm re-designed the Android experience to be user-friendly on a tiny 3.3” screen, bringing the functions of a smartphone in the convenience of a wearable. To support this, Palm created an action platform to minimize the number of taps required to get users to what they use most. Users can initiate any action by voice, through a single gesture on the lock screen, or through the launcher. They can quickly record a run, play their favorite music playlists, or go straight into selfie-mode on their camera without having to navigate apps.

Palm designed Life Mode as a new way to dynamically push content only when the user wants it. Users love tucking their Palm into a small pocket, turning on Life Mode, and basically forgetting about it.


Thank you to Good Design Award for the recognition of our team's hard work to bring this product to life. If you aren't a member of our #PalmCrew yet, it's never been easier to purchase and connect your Palm - grab yours today!

]]> 2019-09-30T09:02:00-07:00 2019-09-30T09:32:05-07:00 5 Ways Tech Can Ruin Live Sports Lauren Harper In many ways, phones make it much easier to follow and enjoy the sports we love, however there's also several ways that technology is ruining live sports today. Take a?look at some of the ways that mobile tech can spoil professional sports.


When it comes to professional sports, our phones have brought us closer to the games and players we love. Today’s technology advancements allow us to stream live games on our phones or tablets. Additionally, about 60 million fans participate in fantasy sports apps while phone-based sports betting has grown to an enormous $150 billion industry! Meanwhile, social media gives us behind-the-scenes glimpse into the everyday lives of professional athletes and gives fans a platform to voice their opinions and real time reactions to what’s happening on the field.?

In many ways, phones make it much easier to follow and enjoy the sports we love. But we wanted to look at some of the ways that mobile tech can spoil professional sports.?

Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me!

It’s a problem that every sports fan has dealt with at least once... There’s a big game going on right now but we’re at a wedding, caught in traffic, or stuck at work. The game is happening right now but the only way we’ll be able to watch it “live” is if we get back to the DVR ASAP. So, our day becomes a delicate balancing act of avoiding any apps, texts or notifications on our phone that could reveal the outcome of the game. We stay off social media because highlights are often instantly shared on Twitter and scores are posted to IG. We hide post notifications on sports apps so we don’t get updates. We silence group chats to avoid getting messages like, “How crazy was Curry’s buzzer beater!” or “I can’t believe we came back to win it!”?

Basically, we block out our digital world until we’ve watched the whole game… Well, at least that is what we try to do, but it is nearly impossible. In one way or the other, we usually end up hearing or seeing the outcome before we even get home. Then we’re stuck with the prospect of watching a game where already know what happens or just finding the highlights on YouTube and moving on. The most unique and enthralling aspect of live sports is watching them (you guessed it) live.

The Problems with Phones at the Stadium

Phones are a problem at virtually every major sporting event around the globe. While many stadiums use tech to engage fans during a game, they often struggle to find the balance that keeps fans involved in the action. In the UK, old school fans and purists scratch their heads at the younger generation of fans who seem to watch entire games through their phone camera. Sport journalist Barry Glendenning made some very good points in an article where he asked “is digital distraction changing how we experience live sport?” The conclusion: of course it is. He observed that many fans were spending the majority of the game filming the action, taking selfies, and posting them on social media rather than engaging in and following the game.?

At MLB games, fan safety is a serious issue with the increased incidents of fans being injured by foul balls. Luckily, most stadiums are extending their protective netting to protect fans, but the danger from foul balls will still be an issue if fans aren’t paying attention to the action on the field. Fans aren’t getting the most out of the experience if they’re missing important plays because they’re glued to their phone.

Benching the Distractions

For many, the best case scenario for watching sports involves being at home with a bunch of snacks, some cold beer, a 4K TV and being able to watch the game in real time. That is, hopefully there is nothing and nobody there to distract or delay us from the big game… except of course our phones. How many plays have we missed because we were looking at social media? How many times have we had to rewind and rewatch a play we missed while checking our phone? Whether we turn our phones off or ditch them in the other room, we get so much more out of a game when we aren’t distracted.

Banning the Pros

Many attribute the astronomic growth of the NBA to the fact that the players embrace social media and allow fans to get a closer look at their everyday lives. But, there was an inevitable backlash when players were checking and posting on social media during games. Of course, this would concern any coach who demands his players to focus on the game at hand. The NBA eventually banned phones on the bench and teams start fining players who broke the rules. But many players realized that their phones were distracting them from performing at their best. Players like Stephen Curry and Lebron James even implemented self-imposed social media blackouts during the playoffs so they can focus on the most important stretch of the season.

Be a Team Player

Just as fans probably don’t want their favorite players to be distracted from performing during an important game, the players’ surely want to have the full support of their fans in attendance. As fans, we have to realize that we are a real part of the game. Players are spurred on by the cheers of the fabled “twelfth man.” The atmosphere created by fans, in any sport, is largely responsible for the fact that most teams have better records in their home stadium. But when we’re browsing the internet rather than rooting for the home team, it can have a real effect on the team we’re there to support.?

Enter Game Mode with Palm

The Palm office is packed with die-hard sports fans. Our office is just a couple blocks away from Oracle Park (SF Giants Stadium) and our very own Stephen Curry will be moving just down the street when the Warriors move to Chase Center this coming season. As we’ve attended quite a few games over the last year, we noticed how many people were looking at their phones rather than the games.?

When we leave our big phones at home and just bring our Palms to the games, we’ve noticed a huge difference in how we interact with not only each other, but with the game itself. Palm has a feature called Life Mode, which we like to think of as “Game Mode” when we enter a stadium. “Game Mode” allows us to focus on the game and experience it with the people around us. We also found that Game Mode works just as well when we’re just plopped on the couch at home. No texts, tweets, or emails… just home runs, bad calls, great goals and buzzer beaters.


Watching live sports is just one of our favorite ways to disconnect and live in the moment. Palm is a great phone option for people who would rather watch the game than read the play-by-play on Twitter. If you don’t have a Palm yet, now is a great time to buy. Palm comes unlocked so you can use it on any major US network and we offer convenient financing through Affirm. Get yours today.

]]> 2019-09-04T08:30:00-07:00 2019-09-04T11:33:11-07:00 #PalmCrew Spotlight: Q&A with Devin Cutting Collin Willardson The key to success for any company today begins and ends with its customers. Who are they? How are they using your product? What else do they want to see from your...


The key to success for any company today begins and ends with its customers. Who are they? How are they using your product? What else do they want to see from your brand? Answering these key questions will help you learn and grow so that you can better serve your customers.

We already know that the #PalmCrew is special. We have absolutely loved hearing from you over the past few months and learning about how you’re using Palm—where you’re taking it, how it helps you disconnect and how it enables you to spend more time with the people that matter.

We love following the #PalmCrew on social media to see how users are finding so many unique ways to get the most out of their Palm. People like Devin Cutting, a devoted family man, multi- business owner and entrepreneur, are showing us just how versatile and helpful Palm can be. Here is Devin’s Palm story:

What caught your eye about Palm? What was the motivation for wanting to purchase one?

The first time I had seen a Palm handset or even really heard of the name, I thought it was geared more toward a device for children, but I was mostly wrong in that assumption! I think the part of the device that caught my eye the most wasn’t the form-factor, but the display on it… I was reminded of the Apple Watch with their “floating apps” and a semi-sort of organized chaos. For a while when I used Apple products, I had always enjoyed the sight of them because of their displays. The Palm makes this so much more functional with bigger application icons and a bi-directional scroll in a list like format. My motivation for purchasing one came about when I realized that you don’t need to have a large display to do the most basic tasks that the average consumer uses a phone for each day, moreover, I wanted something discreet enough to travel with as I have had phones taken from me while on an overseas trip before. But I just really wanted something that’s compact, gets the job done with whatever I need it to do and doesn’t have all the “bells, whistles, and features” other phones have for a reasonable price.

What was the primary phone you used before?

Immediately before getting the Palm, I used an iPhone XS. But I am, at heart, an Android lover through and through.

What are the main ways you use Palm today? What do you use it for most?

I use Palm most for work. I’m a funeral director, an insurance producer, and realtor. I’m always in meetings, arrangements and with clients and I just wanted something unobtrusive that I can still have as a way of connecting with co-workers and clients.

What are the first apps you downloaded on Palm?

What are your favorite apps to use on Palm? I do have Instagram on the phone, but honestly, I keep as barebones basic as possible; just using the default Google apps it came preinstalled with on software.

Have you noticed an overall impact on how and when you’re using Palm compared to your old smartphone?

I am most definitely seeing an impact on my usage. I used to use my phone for all kinds of things and it was causing way too much of a distraction at times and now I’m able to stay on top of what I need to do and having it as a “work only” phone means it’s the only device I have on me aside from my laptop until the end of the day.

What is your favorite thing about Palm?

My favorite thing about Palm is its simplicity, everything you need and nothing you don’t. I love the Life Mode. It’s the BEST use of an Airplane Mode I’ve ever experienced. I love that you can select what you do and do not want to have silenced and having that kind of control means a lot to me.

What would you like to see different or improved about the product?

Maybe something a little bit wider to use so that even Swipe for messaging is a little bit easier. Overall though I have ZERO complaints about this device.

What, if any, accessories are you using with Palm? How do you like them? What other accessories would you like to see?

I actually do not have or use any accessories with the Palm as of yet. I would like to use the Arm band now that I’m back in the gym and the Clip for my bike/moped when I’m zipping around Newport.

How often do you use Life Mode on Palm? What are your experiences with using this feature?

I use it every single day. multiple times a day, in fact. I’m experiencing exactly what this feature hopes to bring to users, total digital freedom and bliss. Retaining more of a focal point on what’s going on around me instead of wasting time on what is in my hand.

Would you recommend Palm to others? Why or why not?

I would totally recommend Palm absolutely everyone. I don’t think there is a single person on this planet who wouldn’t benefit from this is a variety of ways. Unfortunately, with the way the world is changing and technology becoming the center of everyone’s lives, it’s supposed to be used as a tool, but with the rise of social media and such it’s more of a distraction than anything else. Palm is great for those who, like myself, love to travel and disconnect as little or as often as they want. It’s the perfect balance between functionality and a show-piece if you will; something fun to show off that definitely makes a statement and very discreetly begs to be noticed.

Any other feedback you’d like to provide?

Please just keep doing everything you’ve been doing and promoting a great product to all kinds of people. I would suggest that maybe incorporate some video usage on your website between a companion Palm and a standalone. I would say that this would help those interested get a vicarious point of view on the two ways to use the device. I am all for assisting with this because I’ve already had people try my Palm phone firsthand!

]]> 2019-08-29T13:06:00-07:00 2019-11-07T09:49:11-08:00 From Staycation to Vacation, Palm is the Perfect Companion For All Your Travel Plans Collin Willardson We spend all year dreaming of our next vacation—looking at flights, watching travel shows, following travel photographers on IG, dreaming of exotic locales and thinking...


We spend all year dreaming of our next vacation—looking at flights, watching travel shows, following travel photographers on IG, dreaming of exotic locales and thinking about tasty cuisines. But summer is the primetime to turn those wanderlust dreams into reality. And, Palm is the perfect phone to bring along on your next adventure.

It doesn’t matter how or where you’re going this year, Palm is ideal for any vacation—whether it’s a quick weekend getaway, a much needed staycation, a rigorous camping excursion, a not-so-rigorous glamping experience or an escape to the sun and sand. Palm has you covered if you’re traveling solo or loading up the whole family. We designed Palm for the moments in life when you want to enjoy new experiences, meet new people and make memories that will last forever.



Why is Palm Perfect for Travel?

Every little thing about Palm was made for life on the go, so it is perfect for traveling.

  • We made it small so it is more mobile than today’s phablets.
  • It fits in the smallest pocket, purse or travel wallet, so you’re not always trying to keep track of your phone.
  • The stylish lanyard case lets you wear your Palm around your neck or wrist with any outfit—keeping it discreet and secure at the same time.
  • Palm has Gorilla Glass and IP68 water and dust resistance so it can come along to the sandiest beach or on the most intense adventure. River rafting? Hiking? Rock climbing? Mountain biking? Palm can stand up to the harshest treatment.

With Life Mode, Palm is your own little vacation from your digital life. It helps you stay in the moment and break free from the everyday demands of your digital life. The last thing you want to be doing while traveling is scrolling through Instagram or responding to work emails. Activate Life Mode and you’ll be even further away from the stresses back home.



Plan Your Trip on Your Palm

No matter how or where you travel this year, Palm is the perfect companion. Whether you’ve already planned and booked the entire trip down to the very last detail, or if you’re just going with the flow, the right apps can make your travel safer, cheaper and more efficient. Keep all your boarding passes, booking and itineraries on your Palm so you can travel paperless.

You can load Palm with all the essential traveling apps to facilitate your travels. Make sure you always have a place to stay with AirBnB or Booking apps. Find great flight deals with travel websites such as Kayak or Skyscanner. Use Google Translate to converse like a local. Download your favorite music playlists and podcasts so you can stay entertained on those long flights. The great thing about traveling with Palm and utilizing these travel apps is that you can do it without being distracted by all the workday apps you use so often back home. Instead of reading news on Facebook, you’ll be on Yelp finding the best food in town. Instead of reading work messages on Slack, you’ll be sending your friends pics of your perfect beach bungalow (if only to make them a little jealous). Palm can make your trip more enjoyable without being a focus of your routine.

Don’t Forget to Take Pictures

Most of us rely solely on our smartphones as our main camera, and that’s why we built Palm with not one, but two great cameras. With Palm you can do much more than just snap great vacation pics—share them to your IG story and all your friends will be living vicariously through your travels. If you’re traveling somewhere with poor cell service, you can connect via WiFi when you get back to your AirBnB and instantly start sharing.


There’s never been a better time to travel, and there’s never been a better time to pick up a Palm. You can now purchase an unlocked Palm that can be used with most major providers in the US. Buy your Palm here and get a SIM card from the mobile provider of your choice. Just like that, you’ll be ready for your next adventure.

]]> 2019-08-29T10:45:00-07:00 2019-10-30T16:40:27-07:00 Summertime > Screen Time Lauren Harper Summer represents everything we love about life—getting outside, spending quality time with loved ones, eating, drinking, playing and basically just doing our best...


Summer represents everything we love about life—getting outside, spending quality time with loved ones, eating, drinking, playing and basically just doing our best to live in the moment. Summer means breaking free from being stuck inside staring at your phone because there’s literally nothing else to do. Summer’s long days allow you to reclaim your time, where you can pack in dinner dates, nights out with friends and actually exercising outside without fear of frostbite.

At Palm, we’ve made it our goal to get outside as much as possible this summer because we value real world experiences over everything else. We value those special summer memories that can only be made when you’re living life outside of the screen.

We made Palm because we wanted a phone that didn’t demand our attention every second of the day. We wanted a phone that faded into the background when not being used. We wanted a phone that was smaller and smarter. We wanted a phone that encourages us to spend less time looking down and more time looking up. We wanted to spend less time in work mode and more time in Life Mode. This phone didn’t exist, so we made Palm.

Here are some of the ways that we’re enjoying summer with our Palms in tow.

Hitting the trails is a lot more enjoyable than hitting the heart on all your friends’ pics. This summer, make sure you're experiencing life outside, not through your screen.

Hit #LifeMode, take a break from the noise for a bit, and reclaim some time for yourself.

You don’t need to worry about algorithms or how many people your posts get to— take a break and get some peace of mind instead. The ocean waves are calling.??

“Are you still watching?”We all have our favorite shows, but let’s remember to pause and let our minds wander, free of inputs. Remember to take time away from your screens to lounge in the sun and allow yourself some #LifeMode moments.

With so many studies suggesting too much social media usage can significantly lower our mood and leave us feeling isolated, let’s make efforts to get more social outside our screens this summer.

Studies show that a simple walk can boost your level of creativity. So whether you're at work or just need a break from your screen, take a walk...your mind and body will thank you.

We all love to binge watch our favorite shows, but it's important to create stories of your own. Find that place, activity or even person that helps you get into that zen mode.

With an estimated 2.5 billion video gamers across the world today, gaming has taken on a life of its own. But there's a time to put the controller down go outside. Exercise and fresh air nourishes the mind, body and soul.

While cooking shows have become immensely popular, we're seeing less and less cooking being done at home, especially amongst millennials. It's time to grab a spoon and start learning how to cook for's both fun and delicious!

Instagram has become America's favorite pastime, but when we favor "liking" pictures of our friends and family over actually speaking to them, it's a problem. This summer, let's be less glued to our feed and be more present with friends and family to create lasting memories.

It doesn’t take much to ask a friend to go for a walk, or to seek out a group activity in your community. Finding a healthier balance with our digital lives starts with recognizing times when we inadvertently get too sucked into addictive consumption patterns with our screens, and from there, make choices towards a more balanced relationship.

Whether you’re hiking in a national park or grabbing drinks in the city, Palm can help you live in the moment all summer long. Let’s agree to spend less time responding to emails or looking at social media, and more time enjoying the scenery and people around us.

Luckily, there has never been a better time to get your own Palm. You can pre-order an unlocked Palm that can be used with most major US carriers. Take control of your digital life today and have a more fulfilling summer with Palm - get yours today.

]]> 2019-08-29T09:46:00-07:00 2019-11-07T18:52:01-08:00 Celebrities Talk About the Importance of a Digital Detox Collin Willardson All May we talked about mental health and took a closer look at how technology is negatively impacting our well being. There are endless studies that show a worrying...


All May we talked about mental health and took a closer look at how technology is negatively impacting our well being. There are endless studies that show a worrying correlation between too much screen time and heightened levels of depression and anxiety among users of all ages. In all of our research, it was very reassuring to see that we aren’t the only ones concerned about the nature of our relationships with our digital devices. Since pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days, it is an issue that impacts all of us, from newborns to adults.

Social media is perhaps the main area of concern, not just because it is so popular and so much of our screen time is devoted to social apps, but also because scientists say it makes us anxious, depressed and lonely. We are also starting to see a number of high profile celebrities, musicians and athletes alike being vocal about digital addiction and mental health. Many have detailed their struggles with balancing screen time and real life—often forcing them to take breaks from their phones or even delete social apps altogether. Selena Gomez went a step further and took a full 90-day break from her phone and social media, which is particularly impressive when you consider she is the second most followed person on Instagram.

But, Selena isn’t the only high-profile star to speak up about digital addiction and mental health. Here are some great celebrity quotes that you’ll appreciate if you’re trying to find the perfect digital balance.

Taking a Break from Social Media

Selena Gomez was very vocal about taking a 90 day break, not just from social media, but from her smartphone entirely. She said the experience was “the most refreshing, calming, rejuvenating feeling.” She also had some helpful advice that anybody can relate to, "[Social media] can be great in moments, but I would just be careful and allow yourself some time limits when you should use it and when not… It is not that healthy to be on all the time. I noticed with me, I got kind of depressed looking at these people who look beautiful and amazing, and it would just get me down a lot. Taking breaks is really important.”


Kendall Jenner also took a short but well publicized break from social media. Even though she only stepped away for a couple of days, she told her millions of followers, “it’s really nice… I suggest it. You start to engage in real life, even when you start to deal with real people right in front of you.”

Our very own Stephen Curry goes on a social media blackout every year during the NBA playoffs so he can focus on his game. Considering he’s well on his way to bringing home his fourth championship in five years, it seems to be working out pretty well. “When you’re really trying to zone in and keep your focus, you don’t want to have any unnecessary distractions during this point of the season. We have goals to accomplish, and you want to make sure you’re giving your all… It’s just a way to help me keep my focus on what’s important.”

In 2015, British musician Ed Sheeran took to Instagram to announce that we was going on a full-scale digital detox so he could travel the world. His post read: “Hello all. I’m taking a break from my phone, emails and all social media for a while… I find myself seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes so I’m taking this opportunity of me not having to be anywhere or do anything to travel the world and see everything I missed.”


Although she's one of the most famous supermodels in the world, Kendall Jenner also spoke of her experience of deleting social media and living outside of her digital screens. "I suggest [deleting Instagram]. I'm away from my phone so much more. You start to engage in real life and how you have to deal with real people right in front of you, so it's kind of really nice to be away from it even if it's just Instagram."

Balancing Digital and Personal Relationships

Even Madonna the Queen of Pop isn’t immune to the stresses of balancing social media and family life. She said social media “ended my relationship with them [her children], really. Not completely, but it became a very very big part of their lives. They became too inundated with imagery and started to compare themselves with other people, and that's really bad for self-growth.”


Kerry Washington also spoke candidly about missing out on her own life when being consumed by social media. She said, “Social media is a beautiful invention that has given everyone a voice. But, if you're waking up to social media, updating feeds throughout the day and going to sleep watching the lives of others, you may be missing out on your own.”

Hailey and Justin Beiber are two of the most famous people on Earth, but they sound very relatable when they speak up—which they do quite often—about the anxiety that social media adds to their lives. They say the stress caused by constant online scrutiny became amplified once they started dating. Hailey talked about her experience with Instagram in particular, describing the "immediate anxiety" she feels when she opens the social media platform. "Being off Instagram is the best thing ever," she wrote. "Whenever I take breaks from it I feel so much better so much happier as a person. The second I come back on I get immediate anxiety, I get sad and I get worked up." She added, "It's hard to focus on your well being and mental health when each time you open Instagram someone is tearing apart your job, or your relationship or essentially any of the things in your life that are positive."

Even some of the most famous people in the world need a break from their phones, despite the fact that many of them make a living on social media. Everybody can use a reset and rebalance from time to time.


Mental Health Month is coming to an end but we'll continue talking about how screens, social media and digital consumption affect mental health because the conversation is at the very heart of why we created Palm. We made it small and smart so that it doesn’t consume your life—a perfect solution for people who want to stay connected but don’t want to be consumed by a huge phone. We believe technology should enhance our real world interactions, not detract from them. If you’re interested in finding a better digital balance, now is the perfect time to buy a Palm.
]]> 2019-08-27T19:15:00-07:00 2019-11-08T07:03:23-08:00 Why Moms Love Palm for Their Kids Collin Willardson Picking out a phone for your children for the first time can be a little daunting. You want your children to have a fully functional and easy-to-use phone so you...


Picking out a phone for your children for the first time can be a little daunting. You want your children to have a fully functional and easy-to-use phone so you can stay connected to them at all times, but you don’t want them to be completely consumed by a giant screen. There are just so many needless distractions and potentially harmful content out there, that many parents are looking for a phone that is more kid-friendly. Not only do huge phone screens make it harder for kids to stay focused on the real world, especially as they head back-to-school, but they’re often too big for their small pockets and hands, come with complicated user interfaces and cost way too much.

More and more parents want a phone that is small and affordable, but still want all the conveniences and features of a much bigger (and more expensive) smartphone. This is where Palm comes in. Simply put, Palm it is designed to be kid-proof, inside and out. Life Mode is going to be every parents new best friend, especially when their kids are away at school. We also built Palm with Gorilla Glass and made sure it is IP68 water and dust resistant because we know what kind of wear and tear kids can put a phone through.

Palm was thoughtfully designed for parents and children alike. We’ve had a bunch of parents reach out and tell us why Palm has been the perfect first phone for their child. Hear directly from parents on why they choose Palm for their kids:

“The Palm is revolutionary for me as a mom in tech looking for the best way for my son and me to stay connected. I’ve evaluated a ton of options, and they were either too babyish, too big, too unreliable, or too risky. The smartwatches didn’t cut it, and the iPhone was too big and too risky. The Palm is the perfect solution for when I need to call or text my son, and vice versa. The location-tracking and parental control options are fabulous, accurate, and dependable. The Gorilla Glass and water-resistant features are key for durability, and the size is perfect. It’s truly just the coolest phone ever. I was originally going to wait until he was much older to give him a smartphone, but once I saw the Palm, I realized we could get connected in a safer way, right away.” - Titania Jordan, mom to a 10-year-old and Chief Parent Officer of

?palm quote

“We had been debating forever about getting a mobile device for Arjun! Of course it can be very daunting getting kids their first phone! But thanks to @palm for making it such a great experience! Now we can stay connected with him anywhere, never have to miss a moment and yet he isn’t consumed by the giant screen! It’s the perfect first phone and about the size of a pack of gum. I love how I can clip it on him and it becomes a GPS tracker on my phone when need be!” - Mansi Basandrai, mom to 8-year-old

mom with palm

“Getting your kids their first phone can be such a daunting task. Now it doesn't have to be though thanks to @palm being the perfect first phone for kids. Palm is amazing because it still gives the kids the ability to contact us without letting them be consumed by another huge screen. Plus I love that with how Jace elopes so much with his autism, I can clip it on him and it allows me to keep a GPS location on him right on my phone with the parents app that connects to the Palm.” - Nicole Bailey, mom to 7-year-old

plam lanyard

“Who else has a pre-teen that has been over using the question, 'When can I get a phone?' for what feels like an eternity ?? For years, Javien has asked, almost daily, because according to him, all his friends have a phone. Sorry, I’m not paying $60+ dollars a month for you to play games ?? Well, the time has finally come and he is now at the age where he ACTUALLY has people to call, plans to make and places to go... ?? So, I’m ready to give in and let him have his much desired phone. Insert, Palm. Palm is a smaller cellphone perfect for your kiddos introduction to this crazy world of technology. It’s a smartphone, but on a much smaller scale to help prevent kids from getting consumed by screen-time. Bonus —> It’s made with gorilla glass, making it durable for those kiddos constantly on the go, and water-resistant for those unpreventable oops-ies. Looks like Everett will be asking for a phone now too ?? #thestruggleisreal” - Sierra Phan, mom to 11-year-old


“Mason loves to grab my phone and take photos and videos every chance he gets (I love finding random ones on my phone). ?? Now, thanks to Palm he can take as many photos and videos as he wants all while staying connected but still present, and not overly consumed with a giant screen. I love that! It’s been over a year since we did a digital detox and did away with tablets and such for our kiddos. It’s the best thing we could have done! ???? #lifemode #palmcrew @palm makes a great first mobile device for kids! It is about the size of a credit card, the simple menu is easy to navigate with access to all the latest kid-friendly apps. With Gorilla glass, Palm is super durable and is both water and dust resistant, so you can bring it with you on every adventure life takes you! Let’s encourage kids to pay less attention to their screens and more attention to what matters most in life! This all starts with the technology we put into the palm of our kid’s hands.” - Rachelle Joseph, mom to 8-year-old

mom with kid

“So, the kids just got their first phone! I know, I know. They’re only six. Bear with me… . . Matt and I have been on the lookout for something that would let us stay connected with the triplets while they're away at Nana and Papa’s or for when mommy and daddy get away by themselves. But, we didn’t want them to be consumed by a giant screen. . . When we were introduced to @palm I knew it would be perfect for them! It’s a great first phone for kids. It is about the size of a pack of gum and the simple menu is easy to navigate with access to all the latest kid-friendly apps. Not only is it super durable (it has Gorilla glass), it’s also both water and dust resistant, so they can bring it with them on every little adventure. . . I love that Palm encourages kids to pay less attention to screens and more attention to what matters most in life. . .” Angela Fry, mom to 6-year-old triplets


We love hearing how Palm is helping parents stay connected with their children. We didn’t want to just make a super small smartphone, we wanted to make a super small smartphone that gives users more freedom by helping them stay connected without being consumed by their technology. What’s more is we’re now offering super affordable plans made specifically for Palm users through our partnership with US Mobile. If you’re ready to get your children their first smartphone, now is a perfect time – buy yours today.

]]> 2019-08-21T17:00:00-07:00 2019-11-08T07:16:32-08:00 Head Back-To-School with Palm Collin Willardson Back-to-school can be a bittersweet time for parents and children alike. For parents, the mornings are peaceful and the house is clean, but we miss our little ones...



kids at bus

Back-to-school can be a bittersweet time for parents and children alike. For parents, the mornings are peaceful and the house is clean, but we miss our little ones. For kids, they’ve got their new outfits and they’re seeing their best friends everyday, but history class can be a drag.

As we send our kids off to school this year, we need to think about how we are going to keep in touch throughout the day. Parents these days are increasingly sending their kids to school with smartphones, if only so they can contact each other in case of an emergency.

But sending your child to school with a typical smartphone can hinder their education. These huge phones are basically mini entertainment centers, which give children instant access to all their favorite Netflix series, YouTubers and social media content—that is, stuff that will distract them from their schooling. So, it can be a little daunting when we think about sending them off to school with all this content.

No matter what grade your kid is going into this year, many parents have been finding that Palm is the perfect phone for sending their kids off to school. A

Student-Friendly Phone

Palm isn’t just kid-friendly because it is small and fits well in their smaller hands and pockets.

Palm is also great for young students because it lets them focus. We designed Palm with a feature called Life Mode which turns off all notifications when the screen is off, so you only get your texts and calls when you wake the screen. We call it Life Mode, but it when comes to school, it might as well be called Classroom Mode. It won’t be ringing in a backpack or vibrating on the desk, distracting your kid, and the rest of the class.

kid with backpack

In addition to Life Mode, there are a number of apps you can use on Palm to restrict what your children can access and monitor their activity. With Google Family Link, for example, you can set time limits, restrict certain apps during certain times of the day, and monitor your child’s device throughout the day. You can rest assured that your children are protected from harmful content, even when they are away from home.

Palm: The New Teacher’s Pet

If you’re worried about sending your kids off to school with a fully connected, huge smartphone, spare a thought for the teachers who have to wrestle for your student’s attention for the next 8 hours. Even without the distractions of smartphones, it’s hard enough for teachers to keep kids engaged in geography, English and math. Teachers are going to love the student who shows up with a Palm that doesn’t make a peep all day. But, teachers won’t just love Palm for their students.

We’ve found a number of teachers who use Palm to separate their professional and personal lives. These days, parents reach out to teachers on a daily basis. We had a teacher tell us that she was constantly getting texts and calls late into the night—on her personal phone number—from parents asking about everything from how their kid behaved in class that day to that night's homework assignments. She didn’t know what to do because she cared deeply about her students’ education but she also needed her little bit of time off in the evening to relax and recenter (that is, keep her sanity!). Her unexpected solution? She bought a Palm and set it up as a standalone device. Using Palm as her work phone, she gave parents’ the new number and stopped getting calls on her personal device. She sets Palm on Life Mode in the evening so that she gets no notifications from calls or texts until she turns on the screen. Silence is rare and appreciated commodity for a 4th grade teacher.


It’s easy to see why parents, teachers and students love Palm. And, there’s never been a better time to take your back-to-school shopping to the next level. You can now buy an unlocked Palm that can be set up to use with most major mobile carriers, so you can connect on your terms. If you’re looking for a more affordable to stay connected, we’ve partnered with US Mobile to create unique, no-contract plans, with some starting as low as $5/month and the first month is free. Palm is an affordable and reliable way to stay connected this school year, so be sure to get yours today.

]]> 2019-08-18T13:14:00-07:00 2019-11-07T10:01:19-08:00 #LifeMode in Action Collin Willardson More

With the proliferation of smartphones today, our devices have become an important part of our lives. Have you ever forgotten your phone at home and felt completely naked the rest of your day? Yep, we’ve been there too. However, even though our phones can help us get through the day, there are also times when they can be hurtful and actually negatively affect our lives and relationships.

More and more, we’re hearing people say that they are actively trying to disconnect from their tech. At Palm, we support and celebrate this idea. While we are not advocating disconnecting entirely, we invented Life Mode for those times when what’s going on in your real life is more important than those digital moments.

Our Life Mode movement is something we’ve been talking about ever since we launched back in November 2018, and we are seeing it really start to take off. From celebrities to athletes to musicians alike, the concept of putting your tech down and focusing on what’s in front of you is gaining traction. Just listen to Stephen Curry in his latest post on Instagram:

Obviously Stephen is on track for a Warrior’s NBA Playoffs win, something that not everyone can relate to, but #LifeMode takes many forms and can mean something different for everyone. Check out some other #LifeMode stories:

Ashley Houston shared her #LifeMode story on her blog: “Our cell phones now let us have everything at our fingertips and as amazing as it can be, it can also hurt us and hinder our personal connections. While juggling real life and the digital era, we often end up sacrificing one for the other. I have found myself countless times giving more attention to my phone over my own children...You truly start to understand how addicting your screen can be when you decide to step away from it. Your life is so much richer when you focus on the here and now. I really feel like it has made me more creative and helped me focus on my true passions. Life is all about balance so find yours.”


Janise from California wrote, “I love the #LifeMode feature because it lets me control what gets my attention so that I can focus on #selfcare practices like listening to my favorite music and jogging. #LifeModeMovement.”



Mark from Iowa wrote, “Recently I have been trying to reduce the amount of time that I spend on my phone, and I’ve really been trying to be more present in moments.”



Sabrina found how important it is to disconnect, saying, “Life goes by so fast for me, between working, traveling and spending time with close ones. I’m so afraid that I don’t live in the moments as much as I used to. Now that I work from my phone and connect with friends on my phone on a daily basis, I feel like I’m glued to it! Life is too short, and I think we all need that little reminder on here!”

palm instagram testimony


Noozhat from Florida shared, “As much as I love social media, I like to take a break and spend quality time during the weekends, and @palm helps me do that by with #LifeMode. No distractions, just living in the moment!”

pink glasses woman holding palm


Hunter from Salt Lake City wrote, “It’s easy to be distracted with our big XXXL iPhones. It was so nice to pull out the Palm and snap a quick photo and not be completely taken out of the moment.”

palm instagram testimony


Skye shared her story on Instagram: “Days like this I’m so happy @Palm and #Lifemode exists. I’ve been using my new little companion phone when I’m on the go or want to be fully present in whatever I’m doing. We all know how great our smartphones are, but we all know how unnecessary of a distraction they can be as well. With #Lifemode it’s like a Do Not Disturb Sign for notifications. @Palm connects you to everything you need, and nothing you don’t.”

palm going into pocket


Brooke from Nashville said, “I’m entering #LifeMode with my new @palm! Being an on-the-go working Mom, staying connected is super important but so is disconnecting. #LifeMode gives me an opportunity to dial into my surroundings and actively engage.”

palm at a meal


Francois share to his Instagram, “Because of all the notifications I get, my phone can be a real source of distraction, which can easily ruin the moment at times when being present is important. Being ultra mobile and very smart, my new @Palm allows me to be both connected and present. Whether at the gym or having dinner out with my husband, it has become my new companion. #PalmCrew #LifeMode

palm instagram testimony

We want to hear your story - what does Life Mode mean to you? Share you story with us here, or share your story using #LifeMode on social.

]]> 2019-08-16T14:00:00-07:00 2019-11-08T06:57:27-08:00 Unlocked Palm. Unlimited Possibilities. Collin Willardson Today’s the day! We’re super excited to announce that you can finally buy an unlocked Palm right here. Still equipped with all the specs and features Palm offers...


Today’s the day! We’re super excited to announce that you can finally buy an unlocked Palm right here. Still equipped with all the specs and features Palm offers, an unlocked Palm can be used on most major US mobile networks – all you need is the SIM card. So, buy your Palm directly from us, choose your carrier and pick a plan that’s right for you.

man using palm

This is big news for us because Palm is all about connecting on your terms. With the freedom to choose the carrier and plan that best suit your needs, it’s even easier to find the right balance in your digital life. Palm is all about finding that healthy balance—that’s why we designed it with Life Mode. With Life Mode, you only get the notifications you want, when you want them. That’s the beauty of Palm.

Palm is a perfect phone for all types of people. Because it is so small, parents love giving it to their children as a first phone as it encourages healthier digital habits. Palm can do everything you expect a modern smartphone to do, but can be completely customized to your needs. Modern minimalists love the small size. Adrenaline junkies love the Gorilla Glass and IP68 water resistance. Teens love the sleek design and great cameras. Professionals love using Palm as a perfect secondary phone because it lets them separate their personal and professional lives.

US Mobile, A Great Option for your Unlocked Palm

While you can connect your Palm however you want, we're excited to announce a new partnership with US Mobile that makes it convenient and affordable to get connected. In fact, US Mobile is offering unique plans made specifically for Palm users. Best of all, they’re offering the first month of service FREE, with plans starting at just $5/month after that.

palm with a case

If you want to use US Mobile with your new Palm, it’s really easy. When checking out, you will see an option to add a US Mobile SIM card to your order (free of charge). If you choose this option, we will ship a US Mobile SIM Starter Kit along with your Palm. Once you receive your SIM Starter Kit, you can choose your plan. In just 2-3 minutes, you can set up a brand new line or keep the same phone number. US Mobile also offers an easy way to manage your account, pay your bills and top up your SIM card through their website.

US Mobile plans give you more flexibility with no contracts, no overage fees and no hidden costs. As a parent, you’ll also love that it is so easy to keep track of your child’s usage with a plan that doesn’t break the bank.

Even More Options

You really do have unlimited possibilities with Palm. The unlocked Palm is just the latest and most flexible option. If you’re on Verizon, you can still buy Palm as a connected device or as your primary phone. Whether you want to keep your old number or start a new line, it is very easy to set up your Palm with most carriers.

No matter how you want to use Palm, you’ll love being able to connect on your terms. Palm is really a game-changing user experience—there has never been a phone this small that can do this much.

Get yours today: Buy Now

]]> 2019-08-06T17:00:00-07:00 2019-11-08T07:13:15-08:00 From Distractions to Necessities: The Importance of Smartphones in Schools Collin Willardson It seems like it’s only been five minutes since that last school bell rang, ushering in a summer filled with grandiose plans of having no responsibility, sleeping...


It seems like it’s only been five minutes since that last school bell rang, ushering in a summer filled with grandiose plans of having no responsibility, sleeping in and doing lots of hanging out. Alas, somehow, the new school year is already nearly upon us. For most parents, this is a time of shuffling kids to pre-school practices and taking on that ever-evolving back-to-school shopping list.

Sound familiar?

If this is something you can relate to, let’s step back for a minute and think about something you may not have considered as your seasonal preparations get underway: technology—specifically, smartphones.

Technology has revolutionized our schools. With the advent of the personalized computer, technology opened up a whole new way of educating our youth. However, when smartphones became widely available to nearly everyone, technology began to serve as more of a?distraction as students started caring more about texting, gaming and of course, social media, than learning in the classroom.

Naturally, many parents aren’t interested in providing their kids with a device that mostly serves as a distraction?to their studies, leading to that all-important question: at what age is it okay to give your kid a smartphone?

kid with palm

There are two sides of the coin. On one hand, more and more teachers are using technology for schoolwork, homework and collaborative projects with their students. Additionally, parents and kids increasingly rely on smartphones for day-to-day communication. On the other hand, smartphones have also been blamed for bullying and failing grades.

So, how do you navigate the “Does my child need a smartphone” conundrum? Let’s take a look!

1. Safety

The hard truth is school shootings are a fact of life in this day and age. According to, there were 24 school shootings that resulted in death or injury in 2018. Among those, 114 people were killed or injured, including 28 deaths of students. We’re not saying this to scare you, however, this new reality makes it even more important to be able to communicate with your kid. Should your child be involved in an unforeseen traumatic event, you’ll want to be able to access them as quickly as possible, and that means arming them with a cell phone so they can call you as soon as they’re safe.

2. Illness & Injury

If your child is sick, they’ll want to get ahold of you as soon as possible, particularly if they're not old enough to drive. A mobile phone puts the power of communication into the palm of your child’s hand, enabling them to reach out to you, should sick bellies, allergic reactions, dizzy heads, or accidental broken bones arise.

3. Schoolwork

Around 58 percent of students aged 13 to 17 have smartphones. At the dawn of this technology, many school administrators adamantly rejected the idea of allowing phones into the classroom. However, innovative teachers have begun to embrace the power of at-your-fingertips knowledge by integrating smartphones into regular schoolwork activities.

palm at desk


Pam Harper, former Computer and Technology Specialist at Windemere Ranch Middle School in San Ramon, CA says, “One reason [cell phone use in classrooms is] becoming more acceptable for schoolwork is because it provides students with additional access to resources and information. For example, when there are only a few books in the library on Egypt and 30 students need information for a project, smartphones can help with research. They can help students connect through Google Docs and enable them to work in concert so they can easily share notes and thoughts about the project.”

This is a new era, indeed. In fact, 50 percent of parents believe schools should make more use of mobile devices for education, according to, and 71 percent of parents believe mobile devices open up learning opportunities for students. In other words, it’s not just kids who are on board with having phones in classrooms; parents and educators give the thumbs up, too, as long as the curriculum facilitates learning and focuses on enhancing students’ learning processes. After all, this is a technological world we live in. It’s time to embrace the tools we have before us!

4. Access to Resources

Whether it’s for schoolwork, life lessons, or general inquiries, technology gives us tons of access to information right at our fingertips. However, many families can’t afford to purchase a home computer, so smartphones can serve as a great alternative, as it serves not only as a means of communication, but also can give access to the tools and resources they need for school. Kids can easily pull up Google Documents, search the web and connect with their classmates using smartphones (like Palm).

“Phones have become a powerful resource to help level the playing field for equal access. They provide one way for kids who can’t afford computers at home to still be able to access the same level of information, and many smartphones can still be significantly cheaper than laptops or tablets,” said Harper.

5. Healthy Technology Habits

Sure, technology is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean it has to be part of your child’s every waking moment. Companies like Palm are popping up to help promote healthy digital habits, which is an important feature for parents and teachers alike. There’s a time to use technology, and there’s a time to put it away.

“Kids are going to constantly push boundaries - that’s one way they learn. By providing safe, functional and appropriate boundaries with technology in both school and home settings, we can continue to provide equal education and opportunities for kids, while still protecting them,” said Harper

With Palm, parents have control over the apps that are downloaded onto their kids’ phones. This enables parents to have greater oversight of the things their children are doing online. Plus, with limited access, it’s much easier to tell them to take a break from the screen and go enjoy the sunshine outside!

Here are a few apps that can help you monitor your children’s activity on their Palm (or other smartphone devices):

  • Bark. Bark touts itself as an app that’s in partnership with schools and parents everywhere. It proactively monitors social media sites, text messages and other data that might come through your child’s phone, enabling you to have your finger on the pulse of necessary safety measures, should something be amiss.
  • Remind. Remind activates engagement across students’ entire communities, bringing parents, teachers and learners together in a single app. It’s built specifically for education, empowering the simple use of communications that could otherwise fall by the wayside.
  • Google Family. Google Family Link was designed to help you set digital ground rules so your family can enjoy healthy technology habits without isolating themselves from the outside world. Your children can learn, play and explore online spaces within the constraints you set forth.

palm phone size comparison

As the new school year approaches, make your list and check it twice because you don’t want to leave out one of the most important security mechanisms that can keep your kids safe when they’re out of your sight. Order a Palm phone for your family online right now!

]]> 2019-07-30T15:30:00-07:00 2019-09-26T09:56:31-07:00 A Device That's Perfect for Every Athlete Lauren Harper More

10 years ago I ran my first 5K. It was a small local race, rained all morning and I had an absolute blast.?A few months later, I did my first spring distance triathlon and the rest was history. From that moment on, I researched training plans, equipment and asked everyone I could for tips and tricks that I could then apply to my training. I have tested and tried everything from clothing to devices, trying to figure out what an athlete should want, have or cannot live without.

While I could talk your ear off about athletic apparel, shoes, pods and watches, one thing that I still had not been able to find was tracking. In this day and age, unfortunately, especially for women, being able to be tracked or contact someone while training outside, is imperative. The solution should be simple right? Well it was, when phones weren’t the size of a tablet. I will be the first one to stress the importance of safety, but also the first one to voice how inconvenient it is to run or bike with a giant phone. Bless my husband’s worried heart, I had to compromise with him that I wouldn’t train outside unless there was a way for me to contact him or for him to track me in case of an emergency.

Device for Every Athlete??: @DellanyElizabeth

I tried it all–the chips you put on your keys when you lose them, my watch, small GPS devices (including those meant for animals)–the problem is, they only work if they are near a phone. I was elated when I came across the company Palm. Oh boy, do I have some news for you! Palm has created the device that we all have been waiting for! It is an extremely small smartphone that can pair to your current phone OR have its own line/number. The phone is affordable, tiny, water and dust resistant, has great cameras and gives you and your loved ones peace of mind while still giving you the freedom to be you. This thing actually fits in those pockets that were built for phones without feeling clunky, sweaty or getting in the way.

The only drawback of this phone is its battery life. It is a small device, therefore has a small battery. If you are streaming music via Bluetooth the whole time you are running, which most of us do, you will start to run out of battery, but only if you are out running for multiple hours. There are a few ways to combat this drawback. If the phone is fully charged and you take advantage of the battery saving tips found on the website, you will have plenty of battery life. Another battery hack that I have taken advantage of is the Mophie juice pack case. This case gives 13 additional hours of use to your Palm.

??: @DellanyElizabeth

With all of that being said, my overall opinion of this device is that it is perfect for EVERY athlete. The days of lugging your screen around are no more. Palm eliminates your phone jabbing you in the stomach at the gym because you have no other option but to tuck it into your pants, or jamming your phone into a pocket that is barely big enough just so you can have a sweaty square stuck to your arm or leg while training. It fits perfectly in the pocket of a cycling jersey during a century ride or a swim bag while getting some laps in at the pool. The freedom that this device gives me while training has not only given me peace of mind, but also eliminates the bulk of a phone while still maintaining all the features of one. Palm recently announced that you can now purchase an unlocked Palm with its own number/line on, or you can get it as a companion device (where it shares the same number as your main smartphone) through Verizon or Best Buy.

Possibly the best feature (aside from its size) is Life Mode. This mode allows to you silences the notifications that are simply distractions that take away from what you are doing in the moment, whether it be your last set of reps, that negative run split or the last 100 yards to summit a canyon climb on your bike. The times when you are digging deep, connecting with yourself on a different level, those are the times we crave as athletes. Those times are why we do what we do and Palm allows you to escape the world and be in your escape, just for a little, while still staying safe and connected.

??: @DellanyElizabeth

To read the rest of this post from Dellany, head over to her website at

]]> 2019-07-17T11:40:00-07:00 2019-11-07T09:38:30-08:00 Summer’s Here and the Water's Calling Collin Willardson Summer is officially in full swing. It’s hot, it’s sunny and it’s time to have some fun. We designed Palm for all types of summer activities, from camping trips...


Summer is officially in full swing. It’s hot, it’s sunny and it’s time to have some fun. We designed Palm for all types of summer activities, from camping trips to beach getaways to pool parties.

Going to the pool is one of our favorite ways to escape that summer heat. Luckily, we built Palm to be super water resistant so you can splash around all you want while filming your best gainers and sharing them on social, without worrying about damaging your phone.



We constructed Palm out of Gorilla Glass with IP68-rated water and dust resistance for this very reason. We want Palm to go everywhere you go this summer because the season represents our core values—living life outside of the screen. Whether you’re swimming in the backyard, chasing your kids around at the beach, or negotiating class IV rapids on your summer adventure, Palm’s IP68 construction means it is ready to withstand any test.

What exactly does IP68 mean?

IP68 is a standardized rating of a device’s dust and water resistance. Currently, IP68 is the highest possible rating given to mobile devices, meaning your Palm could be submerged in up to 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes. So, if you drop your Palm into the water, you have nothing to worry about. Children aren’t always careful with their phones, but you can relax knowing that a little dip in the pool, intentional or not, won’t damage your Palm. And, if you fall prey to the classic poolside prank of getting pushed in with all your clothes on, your Palm will be fine, even if your outfit isn’t.


Having the freedom to use your Palm in and around water makes it that much easier to stay connected all summer. The beauty of Palm is that it lets you take control of your summer fun by encouraging you to focus on making memories and living outside the screen. It won’t weigh you down and distract you from enjoying whatever summertime activity you have planned.

There’s never been a better time to get your very own Palm. Not a Verizon customer? No problem! Pre-order an unlocked Palm today.

]]> 2019-07-15T12:48:00-07:00 2019-11-07T09:44:50-08:00 Your #LifeMode Guide to Prime Day Collin Willardson It’s no surprise that Amazon has become the world’s largest e-commerce retailer with access to millions of products. So when they announced that they would essentially...


It’s no surprise that Amazon has become the world’s largest e-commerce retailer with access to millions of products. So when they announced that they would essentially be doing a mini Black Friday in July with new product launches and a plethora of deals boasting up to 65 percent off, their 100 million Prime members started to pay attention.

Now on its fourth year running, Amazon Prime Day has become an anticipated event. We’re here to help you find the right products to support your best #LifeMode moments. We’ve compiled a list of 10 items on sale ranging from self care to travel to fitness (and of course a few Palm accessories as well). So without further adieu, here’s your Prime Day #LifeMode guide:

Freeman Cosmic Holographic Peel-Off Mask If you're the kind of person who loves self-care most when it's outlandish and... possibly iridescent... you're going to love this $13 pack of holographic peel-off masks meant to hydrate and balance your skin.

Thrive Natural Face Moisturizer & Mineral Facial Sunscreen SPF 30 Thrive's new facial sunscreen works to moisturize and repair the skin, while lightweight zinc oxide creates a physical barrier to the sun. Unlike chemical sunscreens, the key ingredients won't be absorbed into your bloodstream — and it should be a better choice for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Rocketbook Everlast Fusion - Executive Size The newer version of the notebook that’s launching this Prime Day includes six extra pages, so you won’t need to wipe them clean as often.

Benevolence LA Scented Candles Soy Candles, Fresh Persimmon These candles, which come in fresh scents like lavender, persimmon and orange eucalyptus, would make an ideal hosting gift for all of those summer weekend trips you’ve got planned. Their wooden wicks are particularly interesting-looking, and makes them seem more expensive. Plus, they make a campfire-like crackling noise as they burn, which is about as authentic as it gets without requiring a trip to the woods.

Amazon’s Audible For a limited time, Prime members (or anyone who signs up for a free 30-day trial) can get Amazon’s Audible, a monthly audiobook subscription service, for 66 percent off. The special deal brings the audiobook service down to just $4.95 a month for three months, and comes a week before the retailer’s massive Prime Day sale launches. Download the Audible app from the Google Play Store on your Palm.



YETI Roadie 20 Cooler With PermaFrost Insulation and an extra thick FatWall design, this cooler can keep your food and drinks cold for hours! Great for those road trips, camping trips, a day at the beach, or even for when it’s your turn to bring snacks to your kid’s game.

Travel Wallet & Family Passport Holder w/RFID Blocking- Document Organizer Case This case is perfect for any family trip. This organizer case can store money, up to 6 passports, tickets, 4-10 credit cards & is water resistant and can zip closed. You can also store up to 4 Palms in this family travel pack, making every trip safe, organized and connected.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones Whether working out, on your daily commute, or just running errands, block out all the noise and dive into your workout playlist or your new favorite podcast on Palm with these virtually soundproof headphones. Just pair it with your Palm through Bluetooth and you’re good to go.

Mophie Battery Case for Palm: Need a little extra juice for your Palm? Look no further than this Mophie battery case that comes in three colors. (Regular retail price is $59.99.)

Palm Lanyard Case Finally, get a stylish case for your Palm smartphone. With neck and wrist lanyards, you can be free to move about your day with the lightweight Palm, now $10 off regular retail price.


Did we mention that you can also pre-order an unlocked Palm? Secure yours today!]]>